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Aug 6, 2015
Jul 7, 2009
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May 10
Apartment 5B, New York (Vic, Australia)

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Giddyup., from Apartment 5B, New York (Vic, Australia)

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Aug 6, 2015
    1. engage757
      there were a couple on ebay. have them separate neck from body and send it. Did you check bmusic yet?
    2. engage757
      No more HORUS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! FOR WHY!? You don't need a floppy thumbrest. ;)
    3. engage757
      thanks bro. Glad you didn't post in the thread and get banned... oh wait, no one got banned in the thread. But thanks. It did get bad. Those guys have such a stick up their ass when it comes to me. I don't typically pay attention. Kind of little brattish childlike fools.

      How ya been duders?
    4. Stealthdjentstic
      haha im also a pirate
    5. Levi79
      Awesome man. Stoked!
    6. Levi79
      Yeah man! Really dig it. :hbang:
    7. Levi79
      I don't know why it's taken me this long to listen to your tunes, but holy fuck dude!
    8. brutalwizard
      Hey man like a year ago you used your magical repping powers and pos repped me back from the red. It inspired me, and kept me a regular here on SSO. I have to thank you again SO much. Its the biggest part of my internet life now :)
    9. dumbledore
      hahahaha. cheeky
    10. Empryrean
    11. Metalus
      Were pretty excited about it. Were very proud of them. Not something that usually happens with me :lol:
    12. BrainArt
      So, I will probably be going to Denver in May to see Meshuggah. :D

      I love the lineup for the NA tour, as well. Decapitated, Baroness and Meshuggah. :yum:
    13. Metalus
      Awesome man. My band is releasing a new track in about a monnth. Imma want your feedback on it when I post it :)
    14. Metalus
      Dude Im listening to What Doesnt Dream right now and all I can say is HOLY GAT DAMN. The tapping lead thing is SO SICK. The clean part is absolutely beautiful. Your sound reminds me of Sikth and Protest The Hero hooking up while making out with Periphery in the middle of gangbanging Corelia :lol: (So sorry if I made that sound disgusting but I couldnt help but post that :lol:)
    15. Metalus
      Yo dude did you finally start recording some new stuff? Im waiting :wavey: :lol:
    16. BrainArt
      Yeah, I've loved the LTDs that I've played. The LTD would need some DiMarzios, though, it has ESP pickups. :lol:
    17. BrainArt
      You want to know something about that LTD that I think I might go back and pick up? It was made in China and actually played pretty well! :eek: Though, ESP/LTD's MIC guitars are better than the Chibanez guits. :lol:
    18. BrainArt
      Nice! I need to get several things before I can start recording anything, a new computer being the top of my list.
    19. BrainArt
      So glad that I finally have a clip lock strap, I've wanted one for years. Now I don't have to worry about my strap popping off of the stock strap pins.

      I'm kind of glad that my mom talked me into saving my money, she said that she feels my reasoning for hedging was that I miss playing. I haven't had much drive towards playing, for a while and at my grandmother's house I don't get much time to get into the zone when I do play, because I'm always interrupted.

      Anyways, how's down undah?
    20. BrainArt
      Also, this cold that I have has been trying to kick my ass.
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    May 10
    Apartment 5B, New York (Vic, Australia)
    Primary Seven:
    None Anymore ;)
    Main Rig:
    POD X3
    Real Name:
    M E M O I R S
    Myspace URL:
    Other Guitars:
    RG1421f, Caparison Horus
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    POD X3 Bean - Logic Studio 9/ Reaper - KRK Rokit 5s


    M E M O I R S
    Music from myself and Kurkkuviipale!

    I also do graphic design, both freelance and for label Myriad Records.
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