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    Upcoming Pam & Tommy series.... Neither gave their consent to the show

    As I read the title, the first thing I thought was "Hold up, they're doing a Martin spinoff? They're reaching too far with the nostalgia fetish!". Maybe I might have misunderstood the thread... On topic though, they ARE indeed reaching too far. If Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, as some may...
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    which ibanez would u buy tonight?

    Iron label.
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    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    Ive checked out his pod, here and there, but I usually turn it off after 5 minutes. Sooner or later, he starts talking about “working on his issues in therapy”. Miss me with that shit.
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    Are we finally able to 100% cut the cables in our guitar chain?

    Including Y'tube "playthru's."
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    New Polyphia Single - Playing God

    I hear a lot of this stuff all over Veil of Maya's tracks, too. All these robotic buzzes and beeps, and just a glitchy, choppy vibe. I dig it, but I'm noticing a pattern, specifically with the fanbase. The first thought I had was "D00d is a whole Korean boy band member, it's all good tho".
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    NGD: Solid Session Tool (and a bit of a backstory)

    "I guess these are the kind of adjustments made and tailored to the neo fusion/soul/social media crowd." A pink Ibanez AZ is peak Yootoober (like, comment, subscribe). I was eyeballing these for a minute, last year. The super playable neck joint on these looks pretty interesting. Congrats.
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    This one came fresh out of the box today, hence the goofy sticker on the tone knob.
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    NGD: It's Mirage Monday, yo!

    As I may have eluded in another post: This piece has been tucked away for a month, now. I got fed up with repeatedly trying to talk myself into cracking open the box, day after day. Or in other words, I finally suceeded/caved in. Wooh, finally cleared THAT dillema outta my mind. What a...
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    Need opinions - my 2nd guitarist won't use any other amp than...

    Well... I gotta give your boy props for having confidence in his setup. Other than that, Im at a loss for words. Unless perhaps the bandmate is trolling, in which case Id rate it a 4/10...
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    The First World Problem Thread...Voice Your Struggle

    I have a pending NGD to unbox. It arrived in the mail 3 weeks ago. That day, I put it in a corner, and its been sitting there ever since. The whole time, I’ve been trying to talk myself into cracking it open, and getting it over with. Furthermore, I have a stupid rule that I HAVE TO do a video...
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    2023 Jeff Hanneman. Just what Ive been looking for!!!!

    I'm not too knowledgeable about Hanneman signatures. Is it a re-issue? Or a version w a more basic finish?
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    New LTD Models: 2022 edition

    Weird. I thought AAL rocked strictly 8's. I wouldn't know, as I kinda stopped paying attention around Joy of Motion. Heck, I'm pining for the days when I bought my EC 1000 new, WITH a case for under $900. Who would've known that I could possibly look back on that time as some sort of golden...
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    Who Love’s Tele Style 7’s?

    Perfection. Love the Gibson style toggle. Looks cleaner than a blade switch.
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    NGD: Hapas Sludge 628

    I dig it. I'm all about: Tele shapes w ergonomic contours and hums, simple basic colors, reverse headstocks, and low tunings. This encompasses all the above. Love the hardware, too. HNGD.
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    Terrible looking combo amps?

    These, and the Marshall Code Series scream "Trying waaayy too hard to get with the times/reinvent themselves". fr Hey, now you're just attacking Younger Me w that Crate FXT30. I feel all the nostalgias there. Looks like someone robbed the Deetz residence.