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    Vik stole my money

    That is brutal, man. Hopefully this post will put some pressure on him.
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    Suhr Modern 7 Korina/Rosewood Blue Burst

    I voted for black but immediately regret my decision... Chrome wins. Haha.
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    How To Fix A Paint Chip On An Angle?

    I just use decent drywall hangers instead of the ones that come with the kit. They're easily strong enough. I have 7 hung up around here and they're all rock solid.
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    Hywel's Home Depot Challenge 2016 Build - Semi Hollow Baritone

    Any chance this thread will be updated with the images hosted elsewhere?
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    2016 Home Depot Build Challenge Vote

    Your builds are all totally cool and real accomplishments for the price. Hywel's is just on another level.
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    A guitar made of... clay??

    Yeah, it is hollow ceramic.
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    Incoming Sully 624 Build

    I've been drooling over this guitar on facebook. You lucky so-and-so.
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    Any Difference In Height of Bass/Guitar Pots?

    You could just measure what is inside your instrument and look up the dimensions of the pot before you buy it to make sure it matches.
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    Suhr non-recessed Gotoh 510: dive-only setup?

    Cutting out a small block of wood or using a stack of business cards would be a lot simpler than completely altering the action of your guitar as mentioned above, especially since you'd just be hoping that your saddles have enough adjustment room to get as high as you need them to.
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    Rusti PARADOX built

    Unbelievably good looking guitar.
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    Need help with a .strandberg* mockup

    This is one of the reasons I really like this forum. Good work.
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    Aluminum 8 string, fanned fret, collapsible, acoustic/electric travel guitar

    They don't work for me, either. Maybe the pictures are set to private.
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    Getting a refund for a custom build?

    Yeah, they're crazy. Nothing but wiggle. That would drive me insane.
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    Getting a refund for a custom build?

    bostjan, you're just so wrong in this thread that it is making my head hurt. -New builder long wait list : Demonstrates inexperience and probably bad business sense -New builder prices like old pro : Demonstrates a level of vanity that means they are probably more likely to argue that your...