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  • Hey man, I have a question. I'm looking at a post of yours, from 2014, you're talking about the Lace pickups that you installed in your 7 string. I'm having a 7 string fanned fret built, would the 4.0 pickups work?? Would I need to get 8 string pickups, to compensate for the angle?? Any help/advice is appreciated.
    You sir were right, the Lace pickups are insanely high quality. They are definitely HD sound.
    Thanks for the reply Promit! I just bought some dimarzio 250k pots, one push pull. I also heard these pickups split well. Apparently dimarzio pots need a little bit of a bigger hole to fit as a replacement for Alpha pots.
    Hello, Promit! I decided to go with the LACE pickups you recommended. I just have a question. Did you replace the pots on yours? if so, which pots are a direct fit? Thanks for your time.
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