I spent 7 years studying philosophy at university only to bail out and return to the family farm.

Music, European Football, Gaming
North Yorkshire, UK
Primary Seven
Vigier Excalibur Special
Main Rig
Mesa MKV
Real Name
Primary ERG
Oni E-scale 8 String
Other Guitars
Vigier Excalibur Special, Haar Classic T, Music Man Axis, 1983 Ibanez Roadstar II P-Bass, bog standard Yamaha bass that I don't even know the name of.
Mesa Mark V, Marshall JCM 800 2203x, AC30HW
Effects & Pedals
Philosopher's tone, Lovepedal Vibronaut, Buddah Bud-Wah+, Mr T T Fuzz, TS9 Turbo, Way Huge Green Rhino, Marshall Drivemaster, Lone Wolf Left Hand Wrath, MXR Phase 90, Jacques Meistersinger, Moen Holy Choir, EHX Small Clone, Chase Tone Secret Preamp, Aria Analog Delay, AMT P1, VT Bass DI, Boss OC-3, MXR Bass Octave Deluxe.
Cabinets / Monitors
Orange PPC212, Yamaha HS8 monitors.
Studio & Recording Gear
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, Octopre mkII. Samson C02 condensers, trusty SM57, beta 57, akg d112, Rode Nt1a, MCA SP-1. Countryman 85 DI.
Misc/Other Gear
Cheap ass drum kit fancied up with Axis longboards.