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  • Yeah, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back I think. It made me chuckle at the time :lol:
    I think you neg repped me ages ago, but the comment was weird so I had no idea what you negged me for, I thought you had the wrong guy or something.

    I dunno, that was last year. :lol: It made me laugh at least.
    Hi prime! I remember you from guitar matrix, I neer been a member but your guides rules, sorry for my english, I`m from argentina :(
    Anyways, nice to see you here!
    I love how people are neg-repping you after someone referred to your post as "idiocy" and you responded to it. I threw one your way.
    What's up man, never made that audition, couldn't get out there but I did reschedule for tomorrow and they were cool about it but I felt unprofessional cancelling like that. It didn't change any of the dynamic between the band and I so I figure it didn't bother them much...
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