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    Home invasion scenario.....

    I'd dress in sexy lingerie, invite them up to the bedroom, seduce them, then fall in love with them and get married and have 3 children - named, Ronnie (he's the oldest and is a senior at the local high school) Henry (he's the middle child, who has gone through bullying for his glasses, but...
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    Girl, 17, Forced to Continue Chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma Against Wishes

    if she was 21 then i'd agree, her decision, but she's 17. Not nearly old enough to make that sort of decision IMO
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    Help me pick my FIRST acoustic!

    go find a yamaha fg335 on ebay
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    Learning jazz?

    You've also got the whole realm of gypsy jazz/swing, obviously with Django Reinhardt being the first to name. Django You've got so many other players though: Stochelo, Angelo Debarre, Bireli, and one of my favourites: Jimmy Rosenberg Jimmy But bebop is still fvcking great: even Django...
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    D-standard string gauge

    Go use a tension calculator.
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    Good bands in Bb????

    dead in the dirt play in drop Bb
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    Indian Driving lessons

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    Here's a joke I'd like to try out here.

    here's a joke: your joke
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    Indian Driving lessons

    Samir, you're breaking the car - YouTube
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    Teach Me How To Grindcore
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    Would 10-60 strings be good on Drop C# tuning?

    well i'm using 13-62s in drop C (25.5") and I don't think it's tight enough personally. but I guess it's really dependent on what you feel comfortable with
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    The transcent to a higher form of art this is truly music at its highest form
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    Types of guitarists - digital processing vs analog/traditional pedals

    sounds like you're just stuck with shitty band members
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    The Dirty, Angry, Crusty Thread. except for the vocals
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    King 810 members arrested, jailed.

    I thought they were gonna hotknife.. I thought..