Jan 24, 2007
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    1. skeels
      Hi Al!
      Hope summer is shaping up nicely for you. Here we keep courting hot weather- a few 80 and 900 degree days- about 25 centigrade- and then a cold, rainy fog will roll in off the lake ! Blah!
      Anywho, Thanks for the nice compliment on my "leftovers" build. Aside from the neck narrowing, it's actually kinda nice. I knocked it out quickly while I was trying to fix the redwood top on the fanned 8.

      I hate redwood. It's like balsa wood. It's so soft and porous. I am discovering I much prefer a hard wood that might require more elbow to work on, but yield a more even result.

      Consequently, I got some thick Bloodwood for a couple tops and side tracked starting a 4 string bass for my old buddy who just moved back to the states.

      I think the bird's eye you sent me is ending up as a flat radius 8 string - cuz it's thin, I don't want to sand it down much- on a one piece padauk neck with the blood and maple for the body. :)

      Hey- got any tips on how you inlay?

      Cheers mate!
    2. nonuz
      hi , thanks
    3. skeels
      Oh I just had a bad cold from slogging about in the cold swamps for weeks, but hopefully Spring is finally here! I know exactly how an Explorer or a V could just "sneak" in there, almost by themselves! :)
      And it's funny- as I've been sourcing out some cheap hardware on ebay and from the classies here, I realize that as I slowly get better and plan out a couple really nice builds, I'll have to pop for some good hardware for them. So- it's either side work or selling off some builds to fund more builds!
      We'll be in touch and I'll have some pics soon too- well, reasonably soon!
      Cheers, Al!
    4. skeels
      Hey Al! Good to hear from you! Hope all is well. Average spring here so that means two weeks of torrential rain and freezing cold and now finally warm. Consequently I've been super busy and sick.lol :(
      Totally set back on my neck thru build but making progress on the fanned 8 and another 7 I had been working on. Still have to get on the fretboard work you set me up with-I want to do a disappearing pyramid inlay on the wenge with spalted maple! Course I've never done any inlay before so I need to practice! Think the bird eye is going on a padauk neck and a maple body with bloodwood top-should be sweet.
      How's your 8 string madness going? Haven't seen an update in a while. ..
    5. pondman
      Yeah I just use Danish oil or Tru oil or even Boiled Linseed Oil (infact when I think about it I always use Linseed Oil). Laquer looks great but is a pain to redo .
      What scale length and how many strings are your boards for ? I've got Birds eye Maple ,Normal Maple, Purple Heart and Wenge boards . Shoot me your adress and I'll send you some over this week so you can get on with ya neck through .
      Lol , I jigsawed my my finger while watching my neighbour bent over doing her garden with no pants on .
    6. skeels
      Hey man. Hope all is well with you- saw your chomped finger! I just wanted to shoot you a quick question- finishing maple fretboards. Do you mean to say the finish will wear off over time from playing? That makes sense, I guess. So you would re-oil it, not like a rosewood board or something where you would condition it with say lemon oil. I've got a few builds in the pipeline, but I'm bogged down on my neck thru- I'm trying to mill my own planks with a tablesaw!
    7. pondman
      It doesn't really matter what you use , it always comes off in the end so Tru oil or Danish is the easiest to redo. If you hang on a while I can thickness you some other different f- board blanks.
    8. skeels
      Wow! Awesome! Thanks Al! I will happily take you up on your offer man. Just let me know what the post charges are and p.m. me your email and I can pay pal you. I've got a 7 string build and didn't 8 string going on right now but it's progressing slowly as I don't have a lot of time lately. I have actually only just begun using maple for fretboards- not sure whether to finish them with danish oil or poly.
    9. skeels
      Loving your 8string build! I was kind of hoping that you would complete the neck thru style because I've never done that and I wanted to see how you did it! I love that body shape -is it going to be chambered?
      I also love the headstock and whatever it is you put on there! I always love to watch your build and I think you'll be surprised at how keenly we are attuned when you see my next build!
    10. pondman
      Not yet .
    11. skeels
      Lol! I'm getting that your "ball area" is not a part of your shop!
    12. skeels
      Sorry.. "flint" axes ...
      Ach, Even my jokes are primitive!
    13. skeels
      Lol! No problem Al! Suffice it to say that I am both inspired by your work and honestly quite envious of your shop. My "shop" is rather primitive by comparison. I find much of my time occupied by figuring out how to make tools do things that perhaps they were not designed to do.
      Just keep doing what you doing, posting pictures of your progress and I will humbly return to my fleet axes and crushed berries..
    14. skeels
      Your hardtail uni is fantastic. Did you really say you had "spare"neck neck blanks?
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