Jan 24, 2007
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Landscape designer.

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    1. jwade
      Yep. I can't go into any sub-forums or individual threads unless I log out. It lets me go to people's profiles, but nothing else.
    2. Patriot
      I saw that you posted a custom build on a thread. Do you have a website of your custom work???
    3. ittoa666
      Maria Swan avatar ftw
    4. jwade
      yessir. Chrome ABM 7 string TOM/stopbar. Pretty exciting, although it may be massively delayed now as there's a shitstorm of drama erupting at the school and I don't know if I'll have access to equipment after this month.
    5. jwade
      That's cool. I'm about to start drafting up a 7 string SG in the morning at school, so I thought I'd ask, get different opinions. I was thinking of widening the body overall by 3/8" just to get a little bit of room at the horns.

      Planning a neckthrough in the next couple months, might do up my own 8 string Parker finally :)
    6. jwade
      Hey, I was curious about something from Holloways thread. You said that you increase the body size of an instrument by 12 mm per additional string being added. I was curious what the logic is behind that specific increment.
    7. Robrecht
      Hey Al, I read about the hand injury. Hope it's not too bad. Get well soon!
    8. Robrecht
      The internet abstinence wasn't really deliberate, just the astronomical roaming rates and no wifi around, but you're right, it did me good. Nice to see you've been busy the past weeks -- I love the 9-string V!

      You know, if you ask me, it would be cool to make your Facebook page "officially" about your builds (though you could still invite others to post pics of their own). They absolutely deserve a spotlight. You could call it "Pondman's accidental customs" or something. :-)
    9. Robrecht
      Hey Al, thanks man, yeah I'm fine, I've just been on holiday for the past two weeks with very limited Internet access. I'm cruising homeward right now. Any new build projects I've missed? Can't view pics at the moment but tomorrow I'll be able to check the Facebook page again!
    10. Daf57
      Thanks, man! Will be watching the Iceman progress for sure! :)
    11. Robrecht
    12. pondman
      No probs mate . Its 9.40 and still got day light and we are sat in the garden drinkin like kants.
      Btw send me you phone Nos , I always have loads of free call time on me moby that I never use .
    13. skeels
      Haha! You are like me- short attention span man! I went to finish one thing and ended up starting another! Look, even now, we are chasing each other around from Pms to visitor messages! I really want to see the V!! Zebrawood looks so nice!
      I'm running out soon - isn't it like the middle of the night there?- but let's get back in touch soon- email me at [email protected] and we can cut out the forum hsting middle man!
    14. skeels
      Hey Al- i'm totally running out of room in my PM box! Been dragging my feet finishing the ff8- putting a rattle-can clear on it and letting each coat clear for days and days. Hate that soft redwood! Got some better lumber for my neck thru build but as the temps soar in my attic, I'm finding it hard to work there. Excuses, excuses! I know- what could possibly be more important than building these guit-boxes!? Anything new with you?
    15. skeels
      Oh poor Ed Roman- he would be flooded with business now if only he had had more cats to prolong his life. Hey I meant to ask you do you sell any of those cool ass guitars you make? Because they definitely look shop worthy. I'm still working on getting my system together and my techniques - and a decent drill press... I have a couple friends asking me to build bases for them but that's about it right now.I haven't even built a six string guitar yet- hell I'm so weird.! :)
    16. skeels
      Also- got three magic cats! :)
    17. skeels
      Sorry Al- didn't see your posts- you gotta reply in the "view conversation" thing otherwise they just go on your profile! Been having a helluva time getting pix up on the Facebook page- crazy drunk roommate's dog broke my computer! I'm having him served!

      Lessee though. .. fretboard is myrtlewood- thought it looked snazzy and very nice to work with- kinda like hard maple. This neck- which is number two! has a compound scarf at the join so the headstock tilts with the nut. I'll try and get some better pictures of it. The neck is wide with a flat D shape to accommodate the shallow Chinese trs- Also I splayed them slightly which I gather is a Bruce Bennett technique. ..

      Hope all is good with you- we'll be in touch more as the chaos settles into peacitude. :)

    18. pondman
      And the cool cat :yesway: always have a cat around, they have magical powers .
      How does the headstock slope work with that nut angle ?
    19. pondman
      :eek: ffffook man that is rather handsome . How did you get away with the t rods so close to the sides of the neck ? and that fingerboard , what is that ?
      You fecker , I'm off to the garage (pissed) to start a fanned fret :scream:
    20. skeels
      I know what you mmean about not having time- if only I were young and irresponsible again!
      I've been finding cheap hardware on eBay- sixteen bucks for a 7 bridge? Ill take it!
      I'll hopefully be picking up a few tools soon - tr ying to sell off a vintage jazzmaster that I don't have time to restore... and I'll let you know how my inlay experiments go.
      In the meantime. ...





      Cheeers Al!
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