Jan 24, 2007
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Landscape designer.

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    1. redkombat
      Are you a carpenter?
      1. pondman
        No, why do you ask ?
        Feb 5, 2019
      2. redkombat
        Because of your high skill it seems like that would be how you got your $$
        Feb 17, 2019
    2. caspian
      Hey mate just some fan mail. I'm not normally a fan of 8 string super strat multi scales at all but that flaminco pink one you did way back is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. There's something about it.. just a guitar like that would DEMAND that you write some utterly cosmic music on it. If you ever want to sell it to a cash strapped australian for $100 (incl. postage) then hit me up.
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      2. pondman
        Cheers , i'll consider your offer :)
        Mar 29, 2020
    3. IGC
      Just curious, do you have any sound clips for any of your builds? : )
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      2. IGC
        Not trying to judge or anything. Hope you didn't take offense, by me asking. You have so many sweet builds!
        Jul 24, 2017
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      3. pondman
        Not at all, thanks for your interest and the thumbs up :)
        Jul 25, 2017
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      4. IGC
        For sure AL, definitely found some helpful build advice from you, on many posts in this forum. Keep buildin!
        Josh :)
        Jul 25, 2017
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    4. OmegaSlayer
      Thanks for the concern but...I just want to buy some spare ones as a couple of them broke during the strings change.
      As I didn't knew they could be purchased separetely I picked a full EdgeIII FX saddle just because that thingy split in half. O__O
      So I want to get some but I didn't know what to search for :lol:
      Thanks a lot man!
    5. OmegaSlayer
      Hello man.
      Can you please tell me how these things are called in English?
      They're the things inside the saddles of floating trems

      Thanks a lot :D
    6. THB430
      Do you notice with using purple heart that it looses its color over time? I have some purple heart that I am going to use in a future build and everything I read says it will loose its luster over time.
    7. THB430
      Hey Pond, gotta ask about your mint choc jem. What did you use for the green finish? Is that a kandy or is that a stain? Also how do you get your purpleheart to turn out so bright? Love your work and always excited to see the next.
      1. pondman
        2 years later I notice this message !
        The stain is Dylon clothes dye mixed with 50% warm water and 50% hot clear metholated spirit. That Purple Heart was some very high grade Brazilian PH that I got a few years ago, wish I'd have bought the lot now.
        Sorry for the late reply.
        Sep 19, 2018
    8. infernalservice
      Thanks man! I actually ended up buying the mahognay one listed on there last night!
    9. XxJoshxX
      Hey Al, just wanted to thank you for offering up that top as a prize. I know that'll get more than a few more people to join, knowing your spalt selection. I really hope some time clears up for you in the next few months, because it would be very cool to see you participate. I haven't forgotten about the washing machine build, yet.:cool:
    10. mike24
      Hi fella currently building my own 7 string multiscale, never own one and sourcing info on string spacing i was looking at 45mm across, think i have messed up as that is string distance not nut width arggh.
      have you build a 7 with a narrower spacing does it work or should i look at widening the neck either side? 3mm veneer either side?
      any help received is much appreciated, i heard you're the man to ask
      thanks Mike
    11. immortalx
    12. Church2224
      Hey Pond, who is the girl in your Avatar picture?
    13. cwhitey2
      Awesome and thanks! I wasn't sure exactly what I was talking about :lol:
    14. cwhitey2
      Im going to be sanding down an Ibby maple neck, would you recommend tung oil or gun oil. I have never used either...and i don't know how they compare to each other. I want something smooth and fast!

    15. immortalx
      Thanks for the friendship man!
    16. michblanch
      Do you have a website with bodies for sale?
      The paint jobs are sick!
    17. Renkenstein
      ...I also used your recommended method of smaller screws during mockup. I used a #8 drywall screw that I'll drill out during final assembly. You're just full of golden advice!
    18. Renkenstein
      Used a couple spade bits for my output jack hole and recess today. It went exceptionally smoother than the forstner bit I used last time. Thanks for the tip.
    19. Daf57
      Noticed that, too. Alex probably has his hands full trying to keep it running. I know a lot of other forums are having issues with DOS attacks then asking for money to stop them. The hosts can usually plug those holes and ban the IP but the site will be down for a bit. What a crazy internet this has turn out to be where forums can be held hostage! :lol:
    20. Daf57
      Yeah - periodically yesterday and earlier today. Seemed to be database issues. :shrug: - you, too?
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