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  • It's the cover of Uyama Hiroto's album A Son of the Sun. Gnarly instrumental (for the most part) jazzy hip-hop, you should check it.

    Yours is from my favorite episode of Adventure Time. Nice.
    sup dude ! I remember a while back you sent me a message about posting more clips from my project just to let you know i just uploaded a clip and made a thread :) let me know what you think! cheers take care !
    Whats up dude
    Thanks for the kind words!
    I really appreciate it!
    and YES! now I have a better recording setup and I have been working in my mixes a lot
    Actually right now im kinda recording my first album and well I guess its going pretty good so far
    the only reason I haven't uploaded anything new is because Im working on it hahaha
    its really nice to know someone in this forum digs my music.
    Hey dude, would you be interested in going to the Animals As Leaders show at The Royal Oak on Sat, Feb. 12th? They're opening for Underoath; other special guests are Thursday and A Skylit Drive - hmmmm... I'm considering going if only just for AAL - Underoath's coo for what they do, Idk about Thursday and ASD, they're not my top pick, but I wouldn't mind them. I may be going with a friend from Novi, so lemme know!!!! =P
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