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  • There's tons of classes like that that I've went through, it's just a part of the program. It is awesome when you have the class you really enjoy. Lots of ups and downs though. :lol:
    Oh nice! My school doesn't offer any kind of biochemical or chemical engineering so my options were a bit slim :\. Still, I'm kind of starting to like it now so I don't regret anything. How are you liking it so far?
    Hey, I won't derail that thread any more so I'll just post here instead. I have about a year left in Electrical Engineering. Thinking I'm going to focus on Power Engineering for my final year. How about you?
    Glad you liked my swirled 7620. Do a search through my threads and you can see my other ones. I haven't really done any for anyone -who they've all been for me but I'm open to working something out! Pm me sometime if you wanted to talk.
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