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  • is this what you were looking for?

    Thanks for the recommendation, I was thinking about watching that older OVA at some point. I know I saw a few episodes of it when I was a little kid and loved it, but don't remember anything else about it.

    That really sucks about the manga being pretty much shut down here, it was a really interesting story, and seeing it cut off so soon was annoying. I can't find any of the existing manga that comes after volume 10 (apparently where the reboot series ended), or even the earlier ones for that matter, so I think I'll have to give up on it. I can't stand reading them online either, all the ones I did find had some broken links, which translates to missing pages, makes it way too frustrating to get 20 pages in and then have to find it all over again elsewhere and hope the translations are close and there's nothing missing.
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