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    The Official Agile ERG Thread

    Just picked up my first Agile ERG (I've an ES-335 clone 12-string that I really enjoy), an older, used 927 Interceptor (bolt-on neck three piece maple neck with maple fingerboard, Cepheus passive pickups, Kahler tremolo) that I'm seriously digging. I'm tuning it a little differently than what...
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    Larrivee guitars

    Have to agree, Larrivee guitars are wonderfully fun. Also enjoyed Seagull (still blaming Canada) and Alvarez (still own a twelve of the former) wares.
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    Jazz Recomendations ?

    I agree, Allan Holdsworth is lots of fun to check out. I'd also take a peek into: Hiromi Uehara (she generally uses her first name, "Hiromi") (piano) Diane Schuur (piano and vocals) Herbie Hancock (piano) Chick Corea (piano) John McLaughlin (guitar) Marcus Miller (bass) Pat Metheny (guitar)...
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    8 string Multiverse

    Whoa, that was an amazing amount of work, and the whole project looks gorgeous, too. I'd go so far as to say, "prettier than the original 7-string." I wonder if Ibanez will start to produce these on their own?
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    NGD: Mayones Regius 8

    Very pretty guitar, congrats! Love the work that was done on the back of the guitar to make it comfy to play and then the very pretty front. Thanks for the demo of your new beastie, too.
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    Jazz guitar help

    As I was not being explicit in my previous post, a route that I've been particularly happy to take has been to use Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz for the neck, and a SH-4 for the bridge pickup in generally maple or "rock maple" necks and mahogany bodied guitars. Though the Spirit GT Pro Deluxe with...
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    Jazz guitar help

    From the PRS site, it looks like this name model could possibly sound like a middle ground between a Gibson SG and Gibson Les Paul with simplified volume and tone controls on the guitar itself, when it is run clean and the various tonal and volume controls are set appropriately. Unless the...
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    Uncommon tunings

    If only there were a TransTrem for 7's, 8's and 9's... sigh... ;) Using approximations of other instruments can also be a little different and fun: 7-string qin (to keep with the extended rangedness). Low to high E2, G2, A2, C3, D3, E3, G3 (best with a neck that can reproduce a larger...
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    Etherial 9 string custom carbon fiber guitar

    Digging that you're going Carbon Graphite, and can't wait to see more pictures of this beastie as it gets onward and forward with the build.
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    Update on my 11 string!

    Simply delicious work, Adam! Congrats on getting up to the A you wanted!
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    New Predator movie!

    This time they's got buddies! Nice! Wonder if we'll get to see them (the Predators) screw each other over for the kill? I do hope that there isn't a sniper shoot-off between the humans and the predators; this was done moderately well in, "Saving Private Ryan" but has become cliche as of late...
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    Israeli apology gets cool reception in Washington

    Before being cast into the label of, "anti-Israeli," let me point out that my ire is not with the majority of the people, but with the government, and the small, yet excessively vocal, conservative religious minority. Funny thing about the suggestion of switching religious dogma, used to make...
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    Christiane Amanpour Moving to ABC on a Weekend Near You!!!

    Dear all, This was incredibly wonderful news, pardon the pun! Christiane Amanpour To Host 'This Week' On ABC I'd heard/read that Christiane Amanpour was a little unhappy with her position within CNN, but I didn't expect her to make this move. Really digging the change, though I do feel a...
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    New Predator movie!

    I kinda feel a little dissed; no one has bothered to mention that Jim Henson Company did all the puppeteering for the three movies within the Alien trilogy. There was no fourth movie, move along, move along, there was nothing to see there, nothing that looked like it came out of my nose that...
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    Israeli apology gets cool reception in Washington

    Hate to say it, but this isn't really the lowest point for our mutual relations. Would really give that point to Pres. Ronald Reagan: When Push Comes to Shove: Israel flouts U.S. diplomacy with an attack on Beirut - TIME Trying to find the article wherein Amb. Oren actually reverses much of...