Jazzer who enjoys lots of world music, rock'n'roll and other avante garde music.

EVE-Online and PPD RPG's
Primary Seven
Raines Fusion7 (modified)
Main Rig
Mesa Boogie Lonestar
Real Name
Primary ERG
Roter 8-string Fodera/LP
Sevenstring Guitars
1x Epiphone (modified) 7-string Les Paul (Standard),
1x Epiphone (modified) 7-string Les Pauls (Goth),
1x Schecter A-7 (my first 7-string guitar),
1x Fernandez 7-string Sustainer,
1x Raines (modified) Fusion 7-string
Other Guitars
8-string Guitar:
Brooklyn Gear LP clone
Roter 8-string Fodera/Les Paul guitar with an internal GK-3.

6-string basses:
Carvin XB6 (with piezo pickups, and thin humbucker in the neck, monster humbucker in the bridge position),
Cort Curbow 6-string bass (bolt-on),
Tobias Smith 6-string (neck-thru),
Modulus Quantum 6 bass (bolt-on),
JJ Helms 6-string bass (neck-thru)*,
Roscoe SKB 6-string fretless bass (bolt-on)*, and a
David King D-series 6-string (fretless, neck-thru)

*zero frets i
Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2x12, Carvin 1x12 (Mesa Boogie clone), and hopefully a Bose/Line 6 L1 with two bass modules (still trying to figure this out)
Effects & Pedals
small array, the main ones that I use are a Boss ME-50, Yamaha UD-Stomp, and an Ernie Ball passive volume pedal
Lead Integrator
Cabinets / Monitors
get back to you on this...
Studio & Recording Gear
lots of older craziness.
Misc/Other Gear
7-string qin,
Tom Yocky 6-string lap dulcimer with piezo pickup,
and plush Cthulhu slippers.



"All the World's a stage, ... and the rest is Vaudeville..."
-Allan Moore