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  • Hey, you make sure to hit me up when you're in Kyoto! I'll show you some good drinking spots.
    That's a decent tone man, sounds close enough to any modern bad that plays that style. It was kind of hard to hear but I could make it out. Has your band made any progress? I like checking out new bands, do you guys have reverb nation or sound cloud page? Link that shit. I love metal and always look for new bands, even if it's just a couple buddies hobby band type thing I'd check it out.

    This is my band check us out:
    Oh and I basically agree with the review you gave on them. They're not bad, but not the greatest. Surprisingly even range on all notes low to high, dece cleans, not so good with gain (which is disappointing considering high gain and metal music is what a lot of people use 8 strings for). I find that is the story with most Ibanez stock pup's, not bad, but not the greatest.
    They supposedly are active, I've looked at many different articles and what not online explaining all about them. It's just that once on here someone was telling me oooohhhh my god they're so shitty and they aren't made or wired like an active pick up and I was like whaaaa. But I asked you because of that review you gave, thought you might know more about them. I think that guy I was talking to was just trying to seem knowledgeable but really didn't know what he was talking about. I've never looked at them inside but they could just be constructed differently then other actives, maybe that's what the guy meant, I don't know
    Hey dude I was reading an old post from you on the eight string pick up review thread. You were reviewing the stock Ibanez pickups in your RGA8, I have the exact same guitar and pick ups. I wanted to ask you, are they active? Some one told me it wasn't wired like an active and just because it has a battery doesn't make it active. I thought if it has a preamp and other features that affect the sound that means it's active. Does it not have a preamp? Do you know anything about this?
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