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  • Hey Pete, I would really like like to know what software you use to control all of your backing tracks, guitar patch controls and the like live?
    I'm jelly of your RGA8. You're the reason why I'm even switching to 8's in the first place. Your riffs are soooooo tasty.
    Thanks man! It sounded like the guitars had been processed as well. It sounds really cool with the guitars but I think the wobble has been over used in dubstep now but its a cool effect if done properly. BTW Really looking forward to hearing some Red Seas Fire in the future, you guys are amazing!
    Hey man, really loved the dubstep thing you posted! How the hell did you wobble those guitars? I'd love to know as I am trying to get a similair sound.
    Didn't want to clutter the thread like I usually do:

    So they are hand painted? That's so cool, I saw them on facebook this morning and wanted one immediately, are you going to print out some of those bird tee's that you mocked up yonks ago?
    Hi there Pete!
    I need a quick reamping question answered, and I figured you might be the right person to ask. Could you just put a passive DI box in reverse for reamping or would this cause a lot of distortion to the signal?
    I'm a bit tight on budget you see.

    Ah awesome :) I plan on getting one soon, I'll either slam a Blackout into it or a warpig w/ conversion ring. Eventually I'll get it refinished :)
    Hey man,
    Let us know when you're back up north so you can come visit n get the ENGL's cranked up!

    Leah x
    Are you gonna still post some videos of you playing your own tunes sometimes? That would be sweet.
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