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  • i run this podxt through the clean channel of a peavey bandit 112. i have recorded then played back through some pc monitors and it sounds decent. if you record with it you will want to drop the volume down ALOT lol. dont just bring it down in the mix. i have the levels on almost everything cranked. should rip shit apart in your monitors. can i just go into the line 6 program file and look for the tome, then copy and paste it here? or email as a file? im not very pc savy lol.
    is there a way i can send you my podxt settings or do i have to type out every little detail? i have pod farm and p.f 2.0 but havent opened them yet lol.

    That's really interesting. I knew they were UK made but didn't know they were voice differently. I had a feeling they sounded different but I always put it down to the cab they were in - I've never tried a chinese and british v30 in the same cab lol.

    Thanks very much indeed, very useful to know.

    sure no problem.. i a, going to get a RG2228 too with BKP already in, so i will have the full set....maybe i should try to play better too!!!!
    ok, i think i am 99.9% done with the design of my very 1st DIY will have a parametric EQ, it seems a bit more interesting to have this. I will buy it thought (thanks Mr spec is :

    True Class A ~20W
    4 preamp stages (4 12AX7)
    reverb (maybe switchable..don't know yet)
    2 6V6 power tube
    4 / 8 / 16 ohms output switchable
    build in "power plate" with 4 / 8 / 16 ohms option
    (maybe) double rectified..because it sounds cool

    i will try to make it into a 19" rack so that i can move it around with the 19" EQ

    should be fun!!! :hbang:
    happy new year Pete. I hope you get to rock the socks of Wien, and of course Reanima gets to some new heights!!!!
    awesome!!!! i will look into it, but if you know when it is and how to get tickets that'll be great if you could let me in the secret!!! danke viel mals!!!
    You should buy a fiedel outfit and parade around the streets with friends that look like cuban soliders.
    I walked downtown listening to "Battles in the North". Right now I'm listening to "Pure Holocaust" at work.

    Yeah, A Dance With Dragons is taking so damn long to be released I'm about to read A Feast For Crows again, even though I have no spare time whatsoever at the moment.

    Have you finished reading it, btw?
    If she didn't walk backward out of the room and then out of the house, marry her.
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