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    Clean Up Your Youtube

    Yep, you're very smart, good boy. The point is, why do it manually, when you can have the computer do a part of it for you?
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    Clean Up Your Youtube

    My bad, I thought you had some misconceptions. I'm not interested in a debate just to be contrarian.
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    Clean Up Your Youtube

    Rather simplistic, don't you think? Less bombastic videos will get less of your attention, so you're just like, scrolling through a sea of crap and click the first video you recognize. That's not how you get the best content, so it pays to block channels with nothing to say and topics that...
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    Clean Up Your Youtube

    Guys, if you're browsing YouTube without a Video Blocker, you're exposed to the website shoving endless Jared Dines and Music Is Win videos down your throat, no matter how much you don't click them. Use this extension for Chrome...
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    Upgrade to Mesa JP2C?

    Speaker price doesn't necessarily relate to quality, either. They're all based on 50s era pro audio designs, with the same stamped baskets, thinnest cone possible and most powerful magnet possible. And of course people will say their $600 upgrade + hassle of offloading/storing the stock speakers...
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    I need to evovle, plase aid me.

    Wikipedia is a great place to start for music theory, there's an article specifically about the topic you requested. Youtubers like Adam Neely or Rick Beato are great for teaching you about the existence of stuff, but personally, I find the format hard to internalize.
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    Tuning sharp/flat when diving or pulling up on Floyd

    Either a couple of drops of wood glue, or a brass shim solves this problem. Replacing the nut will require doweling the existing holes and drilling new ones, because usually, the screw spacing is different.
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    Most usefull 5 way for two hum?

    It really depends on the specific pickups and the guitar. To help R&D faster, I use gator clips and try out all the wirings, until I figure out what sounds best. It takes like an hour, of fun.
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    What the #&@! is this metallic ringing sound!?

    Just in case, do you include the tiny amount of string between the nut and the retainer, when you say you've muted the strings behind the nut?
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    Is the age of 4x12 dead?

    If you use aluminium for the speaker basket, you can save some more. Make the cab shallower, save some more. It all adds up in the end. Look at this picture: From the surface finish you can tell the basket is cast, as opposed to stamped. I bet that helps too.
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Vertical 2x12s benefit from being wider anyway. ;)
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    Are Duncan and Dimarzio magnets compatible? (PAF7 alnico mod)

    I have a Jazz 7 laying around and I feel like the PAF7 in the neck position of my RG could use some extra sponginess for cleans and leads. If you've done this mod, how does it sound? I'm also interested in where to get 7-string magnets in the EU.
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    New DIY stuff day (Pedals and things)

    Thanks, I was wondering what kind to buy and this post helped me a lot. I ended up getting a Dymo, because I like how the text looks. It's a lot of fun!
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    New DIY stuff day (Pedals and things)

    Wow, you're really getting your mileage out of that label maker! :lol: Which model do you use?
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    .022 or .047, sway me one way or the other please

    Get some gator clip cables and try both. No soldering!

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