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  • Ah, not so sure. Matching a clear finish is "quite easy" (everything is relative...) , as clear is clear, nothing more. Matchnig a color can be very tricky. Anyway, by the end of the day, iot will still be the fault of the roady. :D
    To prevent poluting the topic on "local luthier or not":
    Hm, ok. But I'd be as pissed off if I ding my 5k$, either it has a 10A flame top or a solid paint. :lol:
    :rofl: People here sling neg rep around really freely. I got neg'd for a couple stupid things recently.

    But yeah, I am an okay dude. I just go on the defensive when I'm called out.
    We're all human, we make our mistakes. But you know you've taken a step up when you admit it and move on. Something I still need to work on. :lol:
    I sold all my high end gear to put a down payment on a house in January. All I had left was my strat I have had since I was 15, and bought the Schecter in March to hold me over for my new Mayones CS.

    I am just saying, after owning an EBMM JP6 BFR, a Gibson LPC, a PRS CU22, and 3 USA Jacksons(SL1, SL2H, and RR1) I can safely say that I have never owned a guitar in the $2000-$4000 range that has came with any clear flaws(unless you count that terrible PRS heel as a flaw).

    I never discredited Bernie on his work as a whole, as the one Vixen I played at a shop in 09 had the best neck ever. I simply think BRJ has fallen into a slump, and while I am happy his customers are finally getting their Black Friday guitars, it is a shame that a couple have some flaws.
    I have owned many a guitar in the BRJ price bracket.
    Care to take a guess at how many were shipped with a structural issues?
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