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Nov 16, 2017
    1. Chuck
      Is the one of the guys from Abolish the Echelon?
    2. Panacea224
      Hi, I actually ended up returning that guitar after a week as it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I had some issues initially with tuning stability after tuning it up to half step down from the whole step down factory tuning. The issue turned out to be that I didn't have enough tension, I increased the tension by tightening the ZPS on the back of the guitar and that fixed the problem. I was using the stock strings which were 10-58 if I remember correctly. For standard tuning with a 26.5" scale you should probably use lighter gauge strings, maybe a set of 9's. Hope this helps.
    3. nymslm
      hey, if you dont mind, can I ask you a few questions about the 2127Z? I have the same guitar and I agree it is amazing.. However, I am having some trouble with string set up.
      Are you tuned a step down? and if so, what string gauge are you using. I recently tuned up to standard and since then I am having a hard time setting it up properly. THANKS
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    Tucson, AZ
    Pharmacy Operations Manager
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    Jackson Juggernaut HT7
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    Randall Satan
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    Jackson Juggernaut HT7 in Frost Blue, Schecter KM 7 in Trans White, Schecter Jeff loomis FR in satin vampire red.
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    Jackson pro series SL2 soloist
    Randall Satan
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    Protone Merrow OD
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    Engl pro 2x12
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    Cars, guitar (obviously) and technology.
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