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  • Hey dude, I just joined this to chat to you. I read a post saying you had a hughes and kettner switchblade with reliability issues that you thought might be overheating? Did you ever get any further with that? I'm using a switchblade and it completely lost sound mid set at the weekend and I couldn't get it back. It died with all the lights on it still on! I've no idea what happened as it then worked fine the next day. We've got a seriously heavy schedule coming up and this is worrying the hell out of me
    Tell me about it! I must have missed where they asked about platinum being used for the needle or something? :lol: Thanks man, hopefully this new medication will finally help calm things down! :yesway:
    Thanks Ahmad! Not sure what the post said, I didn't see it so maybe it never went through as I don't think they would have deleted since over half that thread was OT posting about medical stuff! :lol:
    Happy New Year to you as well brother! Hope you're ringing it in doing something fun! :D We'll be sleeping well before midnight over here! :lol: Boring, old couple. ;)
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