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    Fishman Triple play, Yay, Nay ?

    I've used one since it was first introduced, and I've used a lot of MIDI devices. It's probably as accurate as you're going to get tracking-wise; be aware that you're going to need to play extremely cleanly to get the best pitch-to-MIDI conversion you can. The software it comes with has...
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    NAD - Orange Dual Dark 100

    That could be done, but the Orange Dual Dark doesn't have external bias points, so it would mean that the amp would need to be rebiased by a tech. So I'm guessing it's something that most people won't try as a matter of course. Orren
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    NAD - Orange Dual Dark 100

    Just found this thread. Sorry I didn't earlier, because I use my Orange Dual Dark 100 with a custom 2x12 loaded with Celestial G12K100s and I could have told you it sounds godly! :hbang: I've owned a lot of tube amps, and I probably will own lots more. ;) But I really love the sound of this...
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    Roland Synth with regular Pickups

    As someone as interested in synths as I am thermonuclear guitar lines, I'm very intrigued by this! Orren
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    Aftershock cabs?

    Love mine! I ordered a custom vertical 2x12 with K100s. Versatile, tight, looks fantastic! Orren
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    New stuff from Randall for 2013 & 2014

    I think when a guitarist has "their sound" that they hear in their head, they tend to dial in every amp to get that sound. So it's no surprise that he can make most amps sound similar. I know that in my hands, I can pretty much pull my favorite Ministry style tones from whatever amp I have—and...
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    Gibson ES-Les Paul (semi-hollow Les Paul)

    Don't suppose any will be left handed... Orren
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    NAMM: Orange Dual Dark 50/100

    Another new video review of the Dual Dark from Guitar World: Review: Orange Amplification Dual Dark 50 Guitar Amp | Guitar World Orren
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    NGD: Fender Telecaster (Left handed 60th Anniversary Content)

    Congrats! I didn't even know there were lefty 60th anniversary telecasters! I'm intrigued! :hbang: Orren
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    Sweetwater Musician's All Access Card

    Yup, same experience here. The "all access card" is basically a revolving line of credit, financed by General Electric Financial. So just like others are saying, it's exactly like paying with a credit card—it's just a credit card that you can only use at Sweetwater. And if you don't pay it off...
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    NAMM: Orange Dual Dark 50/100

    I noticed that too. :/ I don't play a 7-string, but I do have an octave-down 6-string tuned to E, so I'd have been curious how it handles something that low. My guess is that it should handle it pretty well, considering Channel B is the Dark Terror channel, which is based on the Thunderverb...
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    NAMM: Orange Dual Dark 50/100

    Just noticed this video online: GEARGODS REVIEW: Orange Dual Dark 100 Amplifier Head - YouTube Orren
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    Epiphone announces Lee Malia Sig LP - sexy les paul inside !

    Shall we take bets on whether it will be available lefty? (AFAIK the only signature Epiphone to ever be lefty was the Iommi SG, because, well, he's a lefty...) Does look like a great LP though! Orren
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    New Epiphone stuff from Musikmesse

    As a lefty, I appreciate the lefty Casino. Orren
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    NGD: Koll "Gothcaster VI"

    Thanks for all the kind words! Orren

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