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    Anderson 7 strings returning

    So they teased it, but nothing has been mentioned at all since that post, or am I missing something?
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    NGD Charvel Sean Long

    I am from the fixed bridge charvel hypetrain society and I support this ngd.
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    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    A playstation 5 isn't a good comparison to guitars that aren't using PCB, they have unique supply chain issues to electronics.
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    Ibanez Prestige vs Charvel Pro-Mod DK24

    Charvel has a pleasant neck shape to me as someone who typically doesn't like super thin necks, but not ALL of their models are like this- the Angel Vivaldi neck feels thinner than Ibanez to me, but most Charvels I love. That being said, one thing I've done lately that has gotten me over my...
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    ESP USA Price Hikes + Reduced Options

    I think I used to live in that neighborhood, if you ever get bored of that shitty top DM me haha
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    Ibanez AZ24027-TFF Prestige

    I'm waiting for the HSS AZ24047 to be more available, really interested in these. I love the AZ line in general being a Suhr fan, but especially these 7s.
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    Ibanez RG2027XL Prestige vs ESP EII TB7SW

    These are really different choices. Do you like bolt on or set/neckthru? Do you like passive or active pickups? Do you need a tremolo? And if you prefer fixed bridges, are you ok with a tuneomatic? (many fixed bridge fans love or hate them at this point) Do you like satin or gloss necks? Do you...
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    High-End Advice

    tf is the point of the last pic there's not even a guitar in it, everyone is making sane comments, and you are just spewing word salad and posting random shots of your villa like its helping your argument, unreal.
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    High-End Advice

    In case you really lack this much self-awareness, if this summary doesn't help you understand how you are coming off, nothing will. Completely sane responses, met with your comparing them to your wife's period.
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    High-End Advice

    In all your other posts you are saying they suck, that you've tried many and they are all underwhelming, and you said that only people who played shit guitars prior would like Suhr. Nowhere prior to this post did you simply say that you didn't like them personally, otherwise no one would have...
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    High-End Advice

    The roster of Suhr players is pretty impressive, Matus, Nieri, Quayle and Basilio before they got signatures with Ibanez, Rick Graham years ago, even Aaron Marshall still uses his Suhr constantly when hes streaming from home despite not being an artist with them for many years at this point...
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    High-End Advice

    Playing "well" is subjective, not sure why you are telling me your life story brotha
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    High-End Advice

    Subjective, but I'm happy for you if you can get what you like out of a cheaper instrument.
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    High-End Advice

    This is a big enough sample size to tell me that you just don't like the spec/feel of this brand mostly, not that they "suucckkedd". Regarding the neck shape, Suhr has a catalog of different shapes/sizes.