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    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    Truth. That Schecter slays. Had no idea those existed. Very nice guitars man!
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    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    I came running to this thread after browsing that shop….ooh boy. $13K for the Blackmachine. Nice
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    Bands that never lived up the hype or their potential

    THIS. Not only that, they literally got TROLLED to release the unmastered album (that had been just sitting on one of their computers for however fucking long)by a fake poster claiming they were an old member of the band and had a copy of the album and were going to release it, prompting a real...
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    7 string PIA anyone?

    Yes, more of this please.
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    Burning Hot Metal Takes

    Exivious shouldn't have broken up, Our Oceans is trash Brann Dailor needs to chill on vocals with Mastodon. Troy and Brent should be the main vocalists Type O Negative is only popular because of Peter Steele's dong
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    NGD tribute vibes

    The backstory alone makes this guitar all the more worth it, IMO - you've finally "made it'! Haha - enjoy it man, it looks absolutely beautiful. I really like the aesthetic of this, after seeing sunburst and black / gold top LP's so much, this is honestly a breath of fresh air.
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    DAATH is (mostly) alive

    The Hinderers was a super diverse album - songs like Subterfuge and Festival Mass Soulform for example. The Concealers was more "cohesive" and sounded more put together. I'd definitely stay between those to albums if you're trying to get back into them, but they are very different sounding...
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    DAATH is (mostly) alive

    Man I really hope that Emil is involved - his playing was IMO instrumental in their sound and I can't imagine their new stuff sounding as good...just listen to Day of Endless Light - that solo is unmistakably Emil Werstler and I can't envision anyone else coming close to that tone and playing...
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    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    I got to see Black Dahlia Murder play Victory North in Savannah, GA, my hometown, in fall of 2019. This town is a place that NEVER has any reputable death metal acts to play - only in the last few years have we had any decent metal bands come through, and everyone, including the band had a...
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    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    What in the hell is going on at 2:14 drumming wise, I cannot wrap my head around that. I think this record is going to be crushing judging by that alone
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    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    There's one on Guitar Center used for $899....doooo it
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    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Yeah, that's fucking hot. Gimme.
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    What is your go to way to find musicians to jam with?

    If going to bars is OK with you, find a local open mic and scope out the talent. Bonus points if there is a band hosting it who let people sit in with them. Even if you don't find any musicians to play with, you can at least work on your chops while learning how to listen/play with other people...
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    What kind of death metal do you miss nowdays?

    While I think the new record is the best one in recent years, this. I've been jamming Still Life and a lot lately and the songwriting is still so, so fucking good. RIP Mikael's growls
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    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    About that redwood one - didn't Misha used to own that or something very similar to it??? I played almost the exact same guitar during one of their meet & greets, maybe back in 2012 or so.