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    Need help deciding on a sound for mix..

    My suggestion would be to run your DI track through the Ninja, Amplex, and X50 separately, bounce those to new clips, route those clips to a bus, and blend the tones to your liking via the bus. I personally blend 6 different amp/cab combos for each of my guitar tracks for the stuff I'm working...
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    New Sikth EP coming!

    Man, I really, really dug all of the songs on the EP. It was much better than I expected (aside from Tokyo Lights, which is whatever, I guess). I really feared it would sound forced, but it had a very organic flow to it, and didn't sound overproduced. 9/10, album was great, just too short :metal:
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    How did you meet your bandmates?

    My old band played a ton of shows with their old band, though I had been seeing their old band for a year or so at that time. Then my old band broke up, and I joined their band when they lost a guitarist. When we broke up, the other guitarist, myself, and the vocalist formed a new band.
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    Volumes and guests show in Birmingham, AL

    Is Mike filling in now? That's awesome, dude is a great vocalist. Not sure if his vocals will fit for Volumes, but I'm glad they've got someone talented doing it :yesway:
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    Opinions on the 1980's Ibanez RoadStar II Series?

    Let me preface this by saying that I haven't bought a six-stringed guitar in almost a decade, and am way out-of-the-loop on six-strings. Recently, I was offered a 1986 Ibanez RoadStar II RG450BK, but I haven't gotten a chance to toy around with it yet, and haven't made the purchase. Does anyone...
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    Born of Osiris MegaThread! - All things BoO

    That was just terrible. Man, BoO really is dead.
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    After the Burial guitarist quits Update: 7/22/15 RIP Justin Lowe

    Justin and Trent took this picture with me in 2011, just after the first show I saw them at. They were both unbelievably cool guys. Justin saw my Rareform tattoo, and pulled me up onto the stage after their set to tell me how cool he thought it was that I would get their art tattooed on me, and...
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    The Official After the Burial Thread: All things ATB!

    This really is terrible. I met Justin multiple times when seeing AtB, and had hung out with him and the rest of the band, and he was a genuinely good guy. It's honestly gutting to see this sort of decline happen to such a good guy so quickly, and it's completely unfair to his friends and...
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    Yeah, a handful of tracks are on a 7-string tuned to Drop B like his 6-strings, but with a low F# below that.
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    New parkway drive y'all

    The aforementioned plane jump riff is baller. I just wish the rest of the song was anything that resembled decent. PWD is basically dead at this point, though. I lost hope for this band after Atlas, and now I'm convinced that they aren't going to put out any good music anymore.
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    He's not lazy when it comes to making money, he's just gotten lazy with his guitar playing when playing live. If you've seen VoM enough times, you should know this. Marc's playing used to be spot on without any backing tracks, he would just use a looper and a harmonizer. Now, Marc's playing is...
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    I reserve the crab stance for the djenty bits only :lol:
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    I'm not saying playing to backing tracks is bad, my band does it. That said, when we use a backing track, we don't put lead guitar parts on it. We put rhythm parts on it, and both guitarists play the lead parts. That is not what Marc has been doing since Eclipse dropped. I know for a fact that...
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    Marc is just as guilty of hiding behind a backing track as Josh. I've seen VoM 8 times since the release of All Things Set Aside, and before the release of Eclipse, Marc just looped everything, but after Eclipse, every time I saw them, there were 2+ guitar backing tracks to every song, and Marc...
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    The Veil Of Maya Superultramegathread!

    Damn, I am so glad I did not go to this show like I planned to. I love Matriarch, but Lukas' cleans in this video are atrocious, and nowhere near "pull[ing] off the clean vocals like a champ," or "sound[ing] great." Clean vocals should be on a backing track like almost all of their guitar tracks...