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  • You finding it physically difficult, mentally, or both? I'm pleased that it's an enjoyable challenge! Which bits have been best for you? Anything you've struggled to understand? I'm working on the follow up book at the moment, looking at creative and expressive uses of various techniques and how they can be combined.
    Don't worry, most people in the world aren't exactly smart or subtle, and that includes this forum. Sometimes, you just have to avoid certain threads... when that happens, jump in the chatroom and ask the people in there, they're different !
    Definitely. They can do what they want to do, that's their prerogative... but what they're doing now isn't anything exciting or new, or even anything that sounds like Opeth. Which makes me sad.
    Now, Mikael Akerfeldt, your mother and I aren't mad at you because of this song... we're just disappointed.

    But seriously... that was the whole song? It felt like it was missing so much...
    Hey man, just reaching out about the rep for that joke I made in the oldest instrument thread. I meant it as a joke about guys who would use that sort of line with women. But point taken, it really didn't contribute to the thread, so I really should have kept it out of there. :yesway:
    I'm impressed :) Correct on all accounts, and yes coming of age was different, as it was a completely different culture from our modern age.
    The warning was a warning not a discussion point. You brought it up in multiple threads, to the point that another member mentioned it to me. If you do it again you'll get a ban.

    As for Roman culture, I said patronage, not mentoring. Sexual relationships were very rarely with young boys but usually between a patronus and cliens who were both of an age to pursue professional activities. It was also considered acceptable and not uncommon for male friends to carry on intimate relationships with each other. The idea that they went around screwing kids to show them who was boss is so completely counter to the common ideas of manhood in Roman culture in antiquity that it's laughable. Anyways, like I said you might want to do some research on the subject in academic historical texts.
    In order to have ninths, elevenths, or thirteenths, there needs to be a seventh in the chord. If you don't have a seventh, then those other notes are added members.

    Seventh and Extended chords:

    Am7 = A C E G
    Am11 = A C E G D (ninth is implied, but not required)
    AmMaj7 = A C E G#
    AmMaj11 = A C E G# D
    AMaj7 = A C# E G#
    AMaj13 = A C# E G# F# (ninth and eleventh are implied, but not required)
    A7 = A C# E G
    A11 = A C# E G D (ninth is implied, but not required)

    Added member chords:

    Am(add4) = A C E D
    Am(add4,2) = A C E B D
    A(add6) = A C E F#

    ^ Notice, no sevenths in the add chords!

    I suggest you look at the first few chapters of William Russo's Composing for the Jazz Orchestra.
    Sure you do, hence why you expected an explanation. But that's cool and everything really, but i don't owe anyone an explanation for anything, not least my opinion.
    I think it's not obvious enough for many people. :D
    But I'll keep this picture in my fav, it might be usefull more than once... :D
    Yeah, that's pretty crazy stuff. I've got neg rep on funny stupid troll post, I didn't even try understand. :lol:
    But anyway, having neg rep for this comfort that I was right doing this: it was good troll. :D
    I ship guitars to Italy quite often have received no complaints. If you ever need anything let me know :)
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