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  • Hi How's it going.

    I'm out of the country until beginning of January, without my guitars, so I'll be having some catching up to do. How's you back? Getting any better?
    Just finished reading Satch's "Strange Beautiful Music". It's all about the recording processes of all his albums + his gear. It's any guitar fanatic's dream biography.
    Yo man! How are you?! I've just been busy since I'm moving to a new area. Of course I'm still shredding (or trying to!). Learning a few satch tunes at the moment. I think this year is going to be about satch exclusively! How are you doing?
    Is this how?

    I can't ><

    The got mad that I called Vik Gay, and then they got made I made fun of Ibanez in caps lock.

    I got pos rep for it but whatever :p

    I just talk to my wife now- clearly my brand of wit is undesirable here :p
    I get you dude :yesway:

    I'm okay with a little bit of bro back-patting. I think it might happen a little more now because most people just hit the Like button instead of digging for rep, especially newer members. I also really don't like the anon trash negging... but I don't think it's widespread enough to be a real problem. It's a little bit of "anonymous internet community is anonymous" but when it actually gets abused and brought up the mods are pretty good about taking care of it. I don't see much more than the occasional "neg rep for doge" or "Floyds are for n00bs" reps, so. More when it's PC&E or like the ViK thread and even if I agree that the post should be negged, people are just doing ad-hominems. I always try to be clear if I do get annoyed enough to drop a neg there, and occasionally someone IS just being an incredible asshole. But I sign too :lol:

    Cheers man :)
    :lol: feeling perfect and entitled huh?

    Kidding. Actually, I promise!

    Though I am genuinely curious why rep-related stuff ruffles your feathers so much?
    It will be over before you know it! That's one of the character strength building things life throws at you - sounds like you were up for the task. You'll be fine, I can already tell! :)
    What the .... are you talking about? How am I supporting a murderer?
    Are you STILL butthurt about that argument that happened a month ago?
    Jesus Christ, get a grip.
    Yeah, the metronome is super important, as is playing music with others, I find. Thanks for the feedback. Keep in touch! Adam
    I'm glad you feel it has character! I feel that's important to it being compelling and pulling you forward as a read and in its expression of ideas, not just in exercises. I hope to stick in readers' minds and keep them thinking while reading, playing and generally going about their day.

    My aim is to explain things in simple ways without being patronising. As such, I teach 8, 18, 38 year olds the same ways. Same if they have no experience or years, I'll start with "basics" in a creative manner to fill in the blanks in their knowledge, so we can move on smootly, leaving no necessary stone unturned and leave no confusion. It's uplifting to know that my approach seems to be effective. Thank you! :)
    Let me know how you like the section with phrases to combine. See how useful you find it, both initially and once you have made some melodies, chopped them up and rearranged them, noted some small chunks you discover which you particularly like and have tried them in different contexts. I feel like there's a lot of mileage from that approach: you can create a super simple melody or a complex, shred wankfest, if you so desire. Either way, it'll be based on melodic phrases, not just technical runs which sound completely dull and lifeless.
    Those are all bits of feedback I like! If you encounter anything you wish to criticise, let me know. I can always edit to improve! With regard to simplified theory, to my mind there's no such thing, just the next step on. What most people learn is an attempt to simplify theory by way of missing out important concepts to simple theory and end up missing lots and having VERY limited mileage from even basic theory.

    Similarly with the beginning exercises, they're tough but also simple enough when slowed down enough. Provided you don't have any disabilities which affect fine motor skills, anyone should manage them if they slow it down enough.

    Yeah, just learning scales linearly is a shortcoming of a lot of theory education, and you're often left to apply it yourself, but really, theory came from the music, not the other way around. Start with music and learn ways to describe that, so you can more consistently do what you already liked the sounds of.
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