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Oct 18, 2013
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Jun 19, 1978 (Age: 43)
Roma, Italy
Sell dreams to old ladies

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OmegaSlayer Regular, 43, from Roma, Italy

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Jan 25, 2022 at 10:13 AM
    1. Andless
      Not bad playing tho! I need to brush my playing up a bit, haven't touched the guitars for long time now.
    2. Andless

      You seem to have more than your share of medical issues. I've got other problems (don't we all) but I'm stubbornly refusing to let it get me down!

      When recently making electronic music, I became 98% composer and 2% player since I barely play keyboard, and the rest is ITB. Definitely fun, like writing for an orchestra, but I've been missing the physical fusion with the music that can be experienced with an instrument you know well.

      I did a lot of guitar exercises before - I just want to have the ability to perform what I (intended) to write! Other than that I've resigned becoming a demon shredder. :scratch:

      But I need to find a new relevant expression for my guitar playing.... Sure, I enjoy playing modernised 80:s thrash, but I feel it has been done enough in the past from a composition point of view, I need a new angle.

      Anyway, get your fingers together (quit smoking if you are) and keep in touch!
    3. Andless

      How's the metal going? I've been taking a 2y break from guitars now, but the inspiration is slowly returning. Did you ever get your back fixed?
    4. kamello
    5. Killemall1983
      I do promote a lot on facebook. I have a page with a decent amount of likes and that is where most of my business comes from.
    6. Killemall1983
      Thanks man. I would promote more if you didnt have to pay for it. that is the one thing i dont like about this site. Any builder that sells in any form has to pay for a commercial subscription to be able to promote.
    7. insiren
      I would be happy to sir, it will probably take me a day or two, just because of time constraints.
    8. pondman
      No probs.
    9. pondman
      Have you got a problem with it not holding the string ?
    10. pondman
      Those are string lock blocks.
    11. themightyjaymoe
      It's a Guitar Center/Musicians Friend exclusive Jackson JS22-7 DKA M. Not sure if any retailers in the UK, EU, or Japan have any similar exclusive but it might be worth a look.
    12. tank
      oserei dire purtroppo.. brodo lo conosco da una vita, te non ho idea di chi tu sia..
    13. tank
    14. MaxOfMetal
      Hey, sorry for the late reply, I never check my visitor messages.

      If they have a PLEK, go for it. The PLEK company evaluates all the shops that they license the machines to, so you know they have to be good.
    15. MaxOfMetal
      Not sure how much stuff like that costs in your neck of the woods, and the quality of work the tech/luthier in question is offering.

      Translated to over here, that would be on the upper end of the spectrum, and for a VERY good job.

      Have you played other instruments this person has fretted?
    16. Nlelith
      Thanks! It was nice to have a chat with you! :)
    17. Nlelith
      Can't argue with that! Girls here are really cute. I myself am Russian, though (born in Kazakhstan). As for the role in history... We're on it! Being in the center of Eurasia really helps! BTW, Italy is also appealing to me, totally in my traveling list, next to California state and Australia! If my job will ever allow time to travel, lol.
    18. Nlelith
      Hi! Haha, that's true! It's pretty great here, not only in terms of music.
    19. Alex Kenivel
      Alex Kenivel
      [IMG]"Obviously mourn takes its time and another pet MUST neither be the replacement of the previous beloved pet, nor it must be compared. Just...there are loads of stray cats who deserves better."
    20. Zado
      Ti ringrazio,ora mi ascolto tutto! :D dei Persuader ero un fan qualche annetto fa,poi li ho persi di vista,se mi dici che vale la pena mi aggiorno subito!
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    Jun 19, 1978 (Age: 43)
    Roma, Italy
    Sell dreams to old ladies
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    Schecter Demon 7
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    Peavey Bandit 80
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    MIDNIGHT Forces (RIP)
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    Schecter Demon, Ibanez RG2228
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    Ibanez Jem 777, Ibanez RBM 10, Ibanez JS100, Ibanez XPT, Yamaha RGX Custom, Ovation DJA34
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