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  • Oh, dude. That wrist thing sucks... :hug:

    The Drop Bears... woah. :metal:

    Yeah, Bill seems like quite a good time. TheMissing and I were supposed to stop and see him play when we were planning our meet-up, but my finances fell through hard. :(
    Make sure to post a buttload of pics., as I know there's be an unreasonable amount of beer drinking, and playing involved.

    How things are going with me...? Damn good, I'd say. Getting through the holidays was a bitch. :yesway:

    I've been refinishing my brother-in-law's RG7420, finishing my Virgin, and I'm hoping to post some pics. of it when I'm finished. :D

    I've been saving my box tops, and am hoping I can get another plane ticket sometime soon, as well. ;)
    Yo' yo'. Somebody got a big promotion. :eek: :lol:

    Great argument on your part in Willith's thread, and you've been doing a helluva job moderating so far.


    How goes everything else...?
    ss.org and mg.org have become brutally slow on my laptop. I might have to restart my router but will make my way over.
    Yeah I've been pretty good lately, other factors have kept my online activity to a minimum and it's not likely to improve until after new years, I should be able to make a daily appearance though.
    Not much, planning on heading out to the shed soon to try and get the ride on going.
    Epic hangover is what's up... only a day in and I feel like I've already failed the mod test - can't hold my booze!:noway:
    Is that a nice area? I wouldn't know, never been. I'm from the armpit of Ohio known affectionately as Youngstown.
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