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  • It's my name. Well... My last name. I'd change it to my first name, but, well... That's obviously taken :D
    LOL! Thanks man- I am learning not to take offense to bad rep:nono:- its hard because, and this sounds dumb- but in my first 10 years of school I moved 8 times -so I grew up always being the new kid that people tried to use as a pawn to make themselves look important at my expense- just gets old ya know?- just too many years of that as a kid, and I guess it comes back to haunt me as an adult- I'm really not a spazz and all in all, I just want people to like me. (LOL- I know its touching-)
    but all the same- lesson learned- :shred:Rock on!!
    Hey man, I actually didn't know that. I feel better though. I actually had already spoke with someone- but the wave of NR kept going, so I thought if I posted something maybe, people would see it and understand I wasn't being a knob.
    Just please tell me I'm not gonna get NR for posting about NR:scratch:
    Well listening to the people on the sports radio station here I am afraid that this could end badly. Especially if we lose.
    Yeah it sucks big time. What is worse is that it wasn't actually him that talked to an agent in the first place. It was an uncle that did it. I mean at least he was decent enough not to try to hide it like say...Reggie Bush. I just hope it doesn't taint his Bama legacy because we wouldn't be where we are this year without him.
    its boring as fack. however "the hour" with george strombopolous is proving entertaining.

    i've been recovering from last night all day. i was buzzed until around 4? this afternoon... yeah.. 14 beers in 6 hours.. and a few other funny stories :lol:.

    gonna watch Wall-E with the gf tomorrow.. then i think im losing her to one of her friends for the night.

    i miss my guitar! and my amp! and owning a 7! but i cant wait to feel 100% :D haha
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