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Acoustic tech-death!, from Kolkata, India

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    1. redstone
      Diving pronation = when pronation strikes from the roof, above the strings plane, to the ground, below the strings plane.

      Down/up : follows the strings plane. A downstroke strikes from roof to ground.
      Diving/rising : cuts the strings plane. A divingstroke strikes from above to below.

      A downstroke can dive or rise or neither. Pronation is always a downstroke, supination always an upstroke. When your right palm is facing the neck, pronation is diving. When it faces the bridge pickup, pronation is rising.

      Nothing is wrong with that, it's just .. incomplete.
    2. redstone
      Yes it is, still in a diving pronation fashion.
    3. Mr. Big Noodles
    4. Mr. Big Noodles
      Mr. Big Noodles
      I left a reply in the thread.
    5. Mr. Big Noodles
      Mr. Big Noodles
      I had a listen to the riff. What are you looking for?
    6. 80H
      I renamed it wave picking :D I will share more of it eventually, but for now, I've mostly only ever shown it to half-drunk backyard guitarists that looked at me like they'd seen a ghost afterwards... You'll see! I'm a man of my word at the end of the day~
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    Pluto six-string acoustic for the moment, gunning for something better! :wallbash:
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