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    Is this best or worst time to be a music lover?

    If you want to make music? Never been better. Others have gone over the points of affordability. If you want to make something new and original? You're unlikely to do so. I think this is mostly down to the "how can I sound like X" generation I was part of, but its diluted a lot of sound...
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    As I Lay Dying are back with the classic lineup

    Its just a prank bro!/s
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    IMONOLITH - ft. members of DTP, SYL, and Threat Signal

    Really hearing that SYL side more and more.
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    IMONOLITH - ft. members of DTP, SYL, and Threat Signal

    Something is out to judge at last, love how it sounds more like SYL the longer it goes.
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    New Babymetal song/video: "Distortion"

    This one sounds like it was meant to be an anime opening, much more so than usual anyway. Loved it, especially since (along with "Karate") they've got a good sense of pacing with the song writing.
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    Obsydians - 3/4 of Sybreeds new band

    (Double post)
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    Obsydians - 3/4 of Sybreeds new band

    Necro'ing the hell out of this, its like Sybreed never left.
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Well, it begins.
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    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    So missiles are coming, "nice and new and smart". Should I be taking glorious leader at his word? Get ready because "they WILL be coming".
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    Article on the devaluation of music

    Let me demonstrate exactly what constitutes as popular music to the youngsters these days. Contrary to popular belief, its not Ed Sheeran! Its things like this: When your playlists of background noise consist of memes on games you won't remember in a year, what are you expecting? The same was...
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    "Bad Wolves" New Band - Ex Devildriver and Divine Heresy members

    So they've brought out an EP, but despite some really catching riffage, I can't help but cringe at the lyrics/topic on this one. I know it is something near and dear to Tommy (at least as far as his Facebook page would have you know), but still...
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    Misha: "just have fun with it"

    It ties in with another trend I've noticed, the average time between album releases increasing. Likely down to having to work a job to pay for that studio time/fund a tour.
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    Misha: "just have fun with it"

    This also plays into which generation has the larger pool of disposable income. Do you think its by accident that Zep/Priest/Maiden etc still rake it in based on nostalgia, yet bands who would be nostalgic for say my generation aren't lining up for reunions or do so only to collapse immediately...
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    Misha: "just have fun with it"

    There's something to be said about the shift in idols for those currently going through school. Their music tends to be less genre-orientated or even based on what is in the charts, its more like listening to the internet's gag reel being played for an hour each lunch time. These awkward, middle...
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    Bands playing 9 strings?

    You've also got Josh's new gig in Emmure, after Glass Cloud anyway: Mike Gianelli also uses 9s. The only other things I'm seeing are YouTube memesters like Andrew Baena.