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    1. Riffer
      I have a Custom 24 and it's awesome. The Custom 24 is a better guitar than the Mira in my eyes. It has better features and just fits me better. Plus it's 24 fret. I haven't played one of the Studios yet but I've heard they are good guitars. I'm just drawn to the Custom 24 more though. Whatever you get, it's sure to be a top notch guitar though. PRS does great work. You could pickup a used Custom 24 and save some money unless you want a brand spankin new one.

    2. soliloquy
      you must watch this then :P
      United Breaks Guitars - YouTube

      and speaking of green guitars, i was REALLY thinking of getting a carvin CT624 in moss green (looks like this: Carvin.com BBS :: View topic - Deep Moss Green) but ended up with going for a carvin CS6m in purple quilt. it should be here by the time you come to toronto.

      and you found a carvin in pakistan? :O i honestly haven't seen a single carvin in toronto yet. a few folks have sold their carvins on local classified, but they are rare and far between.... :(

      i hope the carvin is worth the wait and worth me selling the other guitars just to fund it...
    3. soliloquy
      no worries man
      i was able to sell two of my guitars, so yey!
      that means i have a custom carvin headed my way soon! \m/
    4. Riffer
      Honestly it really depends on what amp you play it through and your preferences. Emil plays a hollowbody and he can shred his face off and gets really awesome tones too. The body of a Mira is made of basswood basically so it's not going to have the same tone as mahogany and you can always swap the pickups for hotter ones. I personally don't care for the Mira but that's just me. Im sure you could get good dream theater tones out of that guitar. It just depends on other variables too, not just the guitar itself. Hope this helped.

      - Tom
    5. soliloquy
      aren't you coming to canada?
      and i'm just trying to sell my stuff just so i can get a carvin CT6-24...but i've had numerous potential buyers that keep me on the hook for a few weeks then back out at the last second...:(
    6. MaxOfMetal
      Prestige is always worth it. I know that sounds like hype, especially from a long time Ibanez user like myself, but really, it is totally worth it. The current Indo made stuff isn't too bad, but I don't honestly see most of those guitars lasting as well as the better made Prestige series models.

      If you're on a budget, and you don't mind saving a bit more, look on the used market. There are tons of awesome Ibanez guitars out there with Prestige quality at prices lower than a new RG1527Z. Older RG1527s, RG2077s, RG1077s, RG7620s, RG2027s, RG2127s, etc. Look to see what's available.
    7. soliloquy
      hows it going?
    8. soliloquy
      good luck with that man!
      let me know if you need any help or wanna sight see around toronto or something
    9. soliloquy
      what school you going to man?
      as in, when you get to toronto and all
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