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    High freq beep noise with one knob on amp plugin

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with the Archetype: Abasi tool. At around second 10 (see video) I hear a loud high frequency beep when trying to create my clean sound. I tried various things, but nothing seem to help! :( Could someone have a look or has some tips? Thanks!
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    What is wrong with my low B?

    Thank you for your answers! So, I figured it out, somehow. I checked my intonation and... everything is fine. Then, I lowered the B string a few ticks. So, its defenitely not in tune according to the tuner. For my ears its in tune now. Is this a normal behavior? I mean its fine for me but I...
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    What is wrong with my low B?

    Hello everyone, I bought a new 7-string guitar. But the low B string sounds always slightly out of tune. Every other string is fine. When I play a pentatonic scale from high E to low B it sounds okay. But the jamming on the B string to some Chords? Awful! It sounds so unenjoyable. Even in the...

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