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  • Fucking kek. Just read the wikipedia page for Alabama and it says that's the the demonym for Alabama is actually "alabamian". Kek lol r8d 6/9
    Things are alright! I'm off university till the end of the month so I have lots more free time for my own projects.
    Karate's a top priority for me, so that won't stop in the foreseeable future! You should try it some time. I'd recommend looking for a dojo affiliated with JKA. (Japan Karate Association)
    Haven't seen SnK s2 yet! Once it's done airing I'll binge it!
    hey st00ped.

    Just felt like saying hi, feels like I don't see you around often at all anymore! (Probably because I'm becoming more and more of a lurker :lol:)
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