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Jun 1, 2011
    1. george galatis
      george galatis
      i hope your new sevensting rig like flamed gunpowder! ;) i'm sure it will be sound good! ye that customs guitars it's 50/50! it's all about the right decision! yeah i'll be waiting for a video of you or a thread dude! ;) peace!
    2. george galatis
      george galatis
      Just making conversation...

      I've got a new body in process and chose hard ash. I figured because of its density, it would work well with a 7 string and really allow notes to sustain. Plus I like the feel of massive guitars...

      Other candidates were Mahogany and Alder...

      What is the general consensus out there? I was looking for a guitar that would sustain and have a bright tonal character.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      here's my anwser:

      ermmm dude i'm not sure but look....
      i heard that from somewhere: the heaviest woods compination gives you more tonality (that's mean sustain and tone both) but i'm talking about woods like:

      white ash

      (and the old exotics woods also)

      also each wood have different tone character! and it work different if the construction it's neck thru or if the fingerboard it's soft or hard wood....

      btw... don't choose alder.....isn't enough....

      any way i hope you finally make a good and toneful 7string

      cheers mate!
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