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  • Hi! I'm doing some late night Googling, and saw your single hum Jackson Stars Soloist. The post was from 2005, (convert from EMG to SD), but figured I'd ask if you still had it?
    #1 dude, over at, that jeff dude comes in for nothing but to start shit and you ban me?????? Ok, no big deal, cuz you banned him, right, oh wait, you didnt? He can say what ever he wants while trolling for trouble??? Which he obviously was?? Thats fucked up dude, i know you dont like me, and thats cool, but lets keep things fair shall we. You need to ban jeff if your going to ban me.
    :agreed:TOMBSTONE...ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES EVER...probably the best role Val Kilmer has played since Topgun
    Did you get my voicemail last night? Ryan is coming up to visit me this weekend. I have the Brunetti and Kiko now so if you're interested we could come hang out Saturday afternoon or something? Just let me know. :wavey:
    Hey, Noodles. I just read your "[Tech] Building a Midi controlled live rig", and I was just wondering what kind of rack case that was.

    Just got to know how much did that ESP 7 string cost you. That thing is the badest. Super cool guitar man.:yesway::shred::yesway:
    Hey Dave! :wub: The Sherman should be finished up in the next 3 weeks. You down for a get-together around then? Let me know what works for your schedule and I'll bring it over for everyone to check out. :yesway: It's going to be sweeeeet! :metal:
    Thanks for another kick ass show. One of the best I've seen. Even though you fucked up on a song! :fawk: :cheers:
    Thanks Dave, I appreciate it. :)

    I hope you get some bites on that guitar soon. Single coil neck pickups are awesome. :yesway: I think so at least.
    Is that Wolfetone JB7 better than the Custom? The way you describe it sounds like what I am looking at. How does the output compare to the Custom?

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