Nov 13, 2007
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Jul 18, 1987 (Age: 34)
Bath, UK

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SS.org Regular, 34, from Bath, UK

    1. Cadavuh
      Quick question for ya. Do you get the tone you have in this vid with your axe fx?

      YouTube - The Safety Fire - Huge Hammers riff
    2. dbrozz
      Nolly!, I love your playing and your progress in Red Seas Fire man!
      Just wondering, you've got videos of almost every SikTh song out there,
      do you happen to have any GP5 files of songs like Way Beyond the Fond Old River, When the Moments Gone, Part of the Friction or As the Earth Spins Round?
      Cheers bro
    3. ChiefS7320
      how long you've been playing Nolly? i'm guessing at least 7 years if your playing SikTh : )
    4. ChiefS7320
      does your band have an EP out? i absolutely love the material that red seas fire has got on the myspace haha
    5. gaijin238
      hows it hanging?
    6. wannabguitarist
      Everytime I see a picture of your Viger I think of Cynic's "Focus" because of the top :metal:
    7. RawrItsRaptor
      Oh my! Vocals you say? Well you must post a thread when you are ready to release the name of said vocalist. Good luck : )
    8. RawrItsRaptor
      Hey, I am the Tony Danza tab thread guy haha, I didn't want to bump a thread for a completely unrelated reason so, is there any news on the up coming Red Seas Fire EP? I need it! Haha. I remember talking to you and you said that you were almost finished with all the guitar parts.
    9. Metalus
      Awesome man. Ill send u an email as soon as i get a chance. Thanks again for ur help dude :D
    10. Metalus
      Yeah man. I think it may be a tube issue. If i retube it, do i hafta rebias it? or can i just install the tubes myself without rebiasing?
    11. Metalus
      Awesome man thanks for the tips. I have an ENGL Savage 120 right now, but its giving me issues as of late. I bought it used so who knows if there were any problems with the previous owner. I'm taking it to a tech soon to find out. Being a gearhead is so expensive hahaha.
    12. Metalus
      Yeah man ive kinda settled on the EMG sound for awhile because of KsE. Theyve always had the type of tone i want. Ive been curious for warpigs for awhile now, but theyre out of my price range at the moment. :(. Even though i want the wm526, Id kill for a Parker Dragonfly or a Parker Fly Mojo. I adore parkers :D. Ive been researching the Splawn Nitro as of late. Ever heard of them?
    13. Metalus
      Would i be able to achieve a Killswitch Engage type tone with the warpigs? and even though u dont like EMG's, would i be able to achieve tone with them on the wm526?

      Sry if im asking a bunch of questions. Finding the tone of ur dreams is hard lol
    14. Metalus
      I have really really absurdly small hands. How thin would u classify the 526's neck? What passives would u swap the EMG's out for? Bare knuckles?
    15. Metalus
      Damn man thats a pretty nice clip. Im really digging the chord progression :D. I'm looking forward to the final product.

      Btw ive recently decided to get the Washburn WM526 as my next guitar. What do u think of it? We spoke about it at the show if i remember correctly...lol
    16. Metalus
      Sweet dude. See ya online. Hope ur still having a blast on tour. btw how r things with Red Seas Fire?
    17. Metalus
      Hey man! thanks for the add dude. I finally got a chance to be in front of my comp and I was just about to add you when i saw that u already did :D. Thanks again for all the info on the blackmachines. That pic of you and Misha is badass hahaha.

      P.S. whats ur AIM screen name and msn?
    18. iamrichlol
      hey mang, hows it going in the States? hopefully you can get back to this, if not i'll speak to you on msn soon. been writing some pretty good stuff, hopefully i can show you when you're back
    19. Imdeathcore
      what's up nolly! nice Gear!
      Snuggles is a fucking sick project! amazing gob man, where do you studing?
    20. ToniS
      Oh, that doesn't sound too good (I hope he doesn't stop making them alltogether or anything?!). Well, just have to wait until the website is back up again.
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    Jul 18, 1987 (Age: 34)
    Bath, UK
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