Nov 13, 2007
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Jul 18, 1987 (Age: 34)
Bath, UK

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SS.org Regular, 34, from Bath, UK

    1. PyramidSmasher
      Yo, I saw your band live on ustream a few months ago, by weird chance. I'd never heard of you before then, but it was on the djentle-men's club on facebook. That's pretty off chances huh?
    2. Unknown Doodl3.2
      Unknown Doodl3.2
      Wouldn't it not work at all if it were wired differently? (I had my luthier do it, he's a trusty guy though).
    3. Unknown Doodl3.2
      Unknown Doodl3.2
      Hey Nolly! I've had the MM set up in my guitar for a little while now (my custom isn't complete so I put it in my RG for now). I've got mixed feelings to be honest. It's VERY tight and articulate, but lacks output. It's a very agressive pickup, but it's actually not that HOT. My Evo was about twice as hot by comparison.

      I think it'll go over a lot better in my Swamp Ash guitar knowing that it's VERY dark (one of the darkest I've heard).
    4. Unknown Doodl3.2
      Unknown Doodl3.2
      Hey Nolly! Just wanted to let you know that I got the pickups and everything is all good! Thanks a lot dude!
    5. Joey Hohgrefe
      Joey Hohgrefe
      Hey Nolly! Big fan of yours, here! I was just wondering how much that new 7 string Daemoness Guitar cost you?!? Thank bud! Keep it heavy!
    6. Andrewdmfc
    7. morgasm7
      yay were friends xxx
    8. marktorches
      Hey Nolly, can you send me a track or two of yours? [email protected] I just want to write some vocals to it if that's ok? I'll throw it back to you when I'm finished...But it'll mainly be recreational purposes as unfortunately you guys live in Manchester and I'm in Hertfordshire... :S is that cool? Be good practice for me (and fun) and you could hear what your tracks will sound like with my vocals (that'll be fun wether it's good or bad eh? ha)

      Mark x
    9. thepylestory
      just wanted to say you have very nice gear and your songs shred.
    10. Necris
      Hey man, what impulses do you use for your axe-fx if you don't mind me asking?
    11. Prydogga
      Hey Nolly, I thought you'd be the best guy to ask, I'm really considering getting Axe Fx this week, but I just want to know, is there anywhere I can learn more about EQing drums? I don't want to drop $400 on a program I can't use to save my life. Cheers.
    12. Mwoit
      Hey Nolly, just dropping by to say your solo slays on Periphery's debut. Sounds like you've got a Martin Goulding vibe going on there? :yesway:
    13. matt397
      Hey Nolly, your tracks on your myspace sound sick. very clean too you can really hear everything quite well. quick question, Im kinda new to recording an Im having a problem bouncing my tracks to wav, they come out very quiet. any tips ?
    14. InCasinoOut
      well, i can probably figure out the timing against the rest of the tab; what notes you're playing and where on the neck, on the other hand, is just beyooooooond me!
    15. InCasinoOut
      Any chance of tabbing your solo on Totla Mad so I can complete my album version tab of it?

      Pretty please? :)
    16. Prydogga
      Just wanted to say congrats on the guest solo with Periph, I think it was on the teaser, and if it was, it sounded sick, anyway, you and Pete said you would have a teaser online soon, any idea when that will be?
    17. Anton
      Hey dude,
      Really impressed with the sound quality of your recordings, and i saw that you recording the guitars at your home.
      What kind of a sound interface are you using?
    18. Poho
      hey nolly!
      it's adrian. <3
    19. blankface
      Ill be interested in some lessons in the summer for sure. Just need to get my exams out the way first.. Yeah I've known Dylan for years. I used to get lessons off him on and off when I was younger. Hes stopped lessons now because of Daemoness I think otherwise I'd still be with him, we still hang occasionally. Small world though man haha. I'll get back to you nearer the time!
    20. blankface
      Heard you offer guitar lessons in the south west area dude? is this bristol or bath? Im based in bristol and Id love to get a few lessons. been searching for a good metal tutor for some time now. I used to be taught by the man behind Daemoness guitars but that came to an end some time ago. get back to me bro!
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    Jul 18, 1987 (Age: 34)
    Bath, UK
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