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  • Cześć, możesz mi powiedzieć ile jest warty ten LACS head'a który leży w Byłem chyba jego właścicielem jakiś czas?
    Hey Nikt, my band will be playing in poland in a few days and I'd like to invite you to our concerts. Here's the info: - we'll be playing 25th of september in Warszawa, 26th in Konin, 27th in Posznan and if you'd like to see us, I#ll set your name on the guestlist. greetings from Hamburg, Nils
    To super!
    Prawda :) ostatni raz byłem w Filharmonii... jeszcze w podstawowce... musze sie wybrac jak czas pozwoli hehe
    Hey there!
    I've been a fan of the tele shape for so long and finding a 7-string in that style has been notoriously hard. my singer/lead guitarist and I came across the picture of the 7-string tele in the ESP custom shop website and after we got endorsed by them, we thought we'd order in matching guitars from their custom shop.
    It wasn't until during the 6 month wait for them to turn up that I realized the pic on their site was of the one they made for Alex Wade and then I found the thread on the forums here which had some extra shots of it :)
    apart from the slight difference in the finish, they are pretty much the same as his one. they are super nice guitars to play (my only other 7, is an old washburn) the biggest difference is how thin the neck feels. for someone like me with midget fingers, it's a god-send!
    I thought you're not active anymore!! :wallbash:

    Well, I rarely see you and other "seniors" post things in recent years...
    Oh it was nominated already? I'll vote for it for sure, that guitar is sexy as hell and has a great feature set! :D
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