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  • hellow Niilz
    how are you man?
    i saw that you are also from germany...
    and i was reading one of your posts and i got interested in the german manufactor that works with custom pickups
    whos him and how much does he charges?
    plus, im getting an Ibanez S7320 and ill surely change the pickups cause the stock ones sucks. SO, i would like to know if you can recomend me the best pickups with the best low price. hhhaahah
    cause im running out of money and i think i can only spend like 30 or so euros for one pikcup. preferble for the bridge
    i want a tight bass, crunchy mids, singing or open or cutting through the mix highs.
    moderated to high output and a deep, arituculated sound
    if the custom pickup builder from german is too expensive, and since you work in a shop, do you know any good deal for a good price?
    im from brazil and im not yet quite educated in german language. so, thats why i didnt write to you in deustch
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