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  • Hey,
    I'm not sure where the problem lies when I have the Axe hooked up to the Profire through SPDIF. I can't figure out which piece of hardware is causing the issue. So I just started running the Axe straight into the Profire with 1/4" inputs. It works fine.

    The Profire has worked great for me. I have no complaints about the unit. It's a basic little interface and gets the job done.

    I've used a lot of different DAWs. Studio One has pretty much every feature of all the "big name" DAWs, combined into one. I totally love the program. If I were to compare it to any other DAW, I'd say that it's a lot like Apple Logic Pro. I think they have a free demo on the Presonus site if you want to check it out for yourself.

    no, in order to paint it i will have to stop playing it lol. prolly wont happen till next summer.
    Hey, the pickguard has a regular humbucker cut. Dimarzio doesn't make their F-spaced pickups wider, just the pole spacing. If you were using Duncans you'd need the wider cut out for their Trembuckers, which are wider overall..

    I've never had a set of Cruisers, but I was going for more "humbucker" tones in this guitar, not single-coil like. The Fast Track 2 is about as hot as a medium to high output humbucker. The Protrack is a bit more vintage PAF styled. I like both the pickups a lot. :)
    Yeah, that's a great question. I don't know how much better they are, but I've got a friend who has a lot of high end equipment, and he swears by them. They're definitely expensive, though, so I don't know what the best option would be. TBH, I do so little recording these days the Duet I have is just a dust collector! But from what I've used, it does sound great! :lol:
    i have talked to 2 different auto painters in my area, looks like it will be about 100.00 bux if i sand it down and primer it, and tape it. what they said is to let them know when it is ready. they will just put it in the booth with the next black car they are painting. now if i wanted a weird color or something they dont paint often i would have to pay more. hope this helps \m/
    Awesome man, just be careful where they've glued the maple cap onto the alder body, don't wanna free up any glue spots or anything! Should look badass if it's the flamed maple model!
    Hey man,
    Yeah I was apprehensive too, but you just gotta grit your teeth and have at it! You really have to make a job of it though, be prepared to not have that guitar for a good few weeks, maybe even a month.

    I started out with really coarse paper to get the paint off, then when it's all stripped you have to go over it all again with something a bit finer, then finer... and finer again, until it's like silk. Then, as you're tung oiling it, apply some of the coats of oil with wet & dry paper, going with the grain, then wiping with a cloth.

    Hope that helps mang
    Yeah, dude, I'm not a huge fan of that lineup. There's maybe a handful of bands I'm interested in, but the others are just not intriguing.
    :lol: that's hilarious. Travis was one of the reasons I got mine. It sounded so damn good through the ENGL power amp and Mesa cab. I do believe Jake from Periphery sold his Roadster to a boardie here to get his Axe, and I think I remember Misha saying all of them are making the switch. So, I'm sure you'll see them live with it next time around.
    It's all a matter of taste, and IIRC, Nick hasn't played the Axe with the newest firmware update. With each update, the accuracy of the tone improves. Just like anything, it isn't for everybody, but if you look at the people using them live, all the dudes from Periphery, Travis from Threat Signal, Megadeth, and the list goes on and on, it is definitely a viable option. Besides, if you can't live without your powerball, you can clone it with the Axe :)
    Honestly, bro, its the best sound I've ever had live. I've been through a 5150, 5150II, Engl Fireball and a Dual Rec, and while I may not have experience with the highest of high end heads, this Axe definitely destroys the rest. I use it with a power amp and a cab cause I just really like that feel of air being moved behind me. Maybe someday I'll go direct to the board, but I definitely wanna pair it with a tube power amp first, and see what happens. The only problem I have with going direct to the board is with all the sound guys I've had here and other states/cities, I've had a whole lot of experience with inconsistent (at best) monitor mixes, and I really don't want to have to rely on that for my stage sound. Perhaps someday some FRFR powered monitors will be in order, but right now, fully content with the power amp/cab. So, the long and short is, it rules. What are you using currently?
    i did have a 3 track ep but the songs have all been updated with better vocal tracks etc but i wanna get a new one up for free download as soon as 1 more song is finished so il keep you posted
    cheers again dude :metal:
    lol idk what it is, one of the mods made a thread a ayear ago called "blatant mod abuse" and if you asked, he would change your avatar to some random thing.
    Cheers dude :) tis a project iv been working on for years now! wanna get it a fullon gigging band by the end of this year with a CD to gig with
    volume swell things are usually the result of dying/faulty power tubes not pres, but yes I'd recommend replacing the tubes before selling it. I'd also think hard about going the Axe-FX route. I love my Axe-FX for recording, practicing, etc but as a live amp it doesn't compare to a high-end tube amp IMO. Just doesn't cut as well, sounds very digital. There's definitely better stuff out there than the Powerball.

    Just my two cents. If you have any questions or would like to chat feel free to hit me up some time.
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