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    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    It’s been a long time since posting here. Hope everyone is doing great and still slaying away! I’ve had a few NGDs since last which I’ll be getting around to posting soon. In the meantime, check out my new band MIRA!
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    Which is better? Load your plugins in the panned mono tracks or insert it on a group channel?

    Another alternative in the saving resources realm... print your stems/regions to new audio tracks and make the original tracks and plugins inactive so you can re-tweek and reprint later if needed.
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    In a weird spot gear wise. What are your thoughts?

    Dark terror or micro dark?
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    Earplugs... any solution for this issue?

    +1 for Etymotic plugs. I've had a pair of these with the first nub cut off for years now. Like you OP, I was searching for a decibel reduction less than the foamies that would reduce decibels but still let me hear mine and the other guitarist's rig at practice/gigs. These are perfect (for me)...
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    Cyclists - SSO Strava Club

    I've thought about using Strava once or twice. I mainly race bmx and downhill mtb, but I use an app called Trailforks for the latter which is basically a neutered version of Strava but aimed more toward trail/mountain riding i suppose. My problem is finding a handlebar mount that doesn't eject...
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    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    I'm really digging my Solar A2.7 TBRM although GASing for a FR model now... Made a video testing out Facebook live on my iPhone going from the headphone out of my interface into the iPhone mic in and decided to jam on the Solar.
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    NGD: Agile Legacy Plus 72527

    Nice! These "galaxy burst" burl Legacys were super limited run, on the site for maybe a week or two tops. My buddy got the 727 version of this exact guitar and finish, definitely plays and sounds great like an Agile and the material list wood wise leans towards a higher end guitar for sure...
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    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Belated NGD! Solar A2.7 TBRM.
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    Balaguer Guitars - xiphos shape "Tartarus"

    These all look sick!
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    Really digging your tone on that. There are probably double the amount of blast beats needed in that one part though lol making them sound inhumanly possible. Sounds like you programmed one for every tremolo pick. Try programming them half time or like 3 every down beat. Better yet watch any...
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    Drop A String Gauge

    26.5” NYXL 10-59 and 27”-30” NYXL 11-64 works for me.
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    Guitarmory fakemachine

    Why stop at BM when you could have Majones clones, Legator clones, etc... haha i kid i kid. Courtesy of that new Ebay custom shop... . .
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    Picks. How important are they to you?

    Man you guys use some heavy picks! I use the red Tortex .50mm. I like the pick noise and think it's a big part of the tone I get. Anything thicker and my picking style and tone goes out the window. I also hold picks weird (so I'm told) as I choke up close to the tip to make pinch harmonics...
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    Random Pics of Your Rig

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    When recording, I hear the click through my guitar pickup..

    Can you change the actual click sound? Perhaps your current sound is too percussive? If click is on a mono track maybe add an EQ and experiment cutting frequencies?