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Jul 9, 2007
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Jul 11, 1984 (Age: 35)
glasgow scotland

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Nick Regular, 35, from glasgow scotland

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Feb 27, 2020 at 9:31 AM
    1. UnderTheSign
      Haha I'm 6f5 5 and have short ginger hair so thought I did too but I still haven't a clue which one you were!

      Most of my money went to food (the stuff at the venue was pretty good!) and booze... Not sure if that's a good thing :lol:
    2. UnderTheSign
      There were so many Scots... Which one were you then?! :lol: Hamish seemed like a friendly fellow. His buddy whos name I kept forgetting and Greg from Liverpool too. They were all pretty drunk by the time we started chatting though, haha.

      We only spent 2 nights at the Delirium and I think that was best for our wallets and brain cells... The afternoons were usually spent exploring the city and visiting cheesy Christmas markets!

      And same here man... I went outside to just be able to sit down during the more boring bands every night. Standing up for hours is harsh!
    3. UnderTheSign
      Yeah I ended up talking to Hamish from Edinburgh for a bit after the fest ended Saturday. He told me you were already gone by then. We're you the guy with glasses hanging with the smaller ginger guy?

      Had a great time there. Mare and Perturbator were my favorites because their energy was just stellar. Dark Sonority, Mgla and Ruins of Beverast as well.

      Didn't notice the merch hoarders really but with all distros not being there this time I didn't really bother anyway. Got a Bolzer shirt and that's it. It's always like that though, people going crazy over the rare goodies..
    4. UnderTheSign
      Spotted a group of Scots tonight, I'll walk up to them and see if one of them is you again tomorrow night!
    5. UnderTheSign
      I'm not too sure about local places but I have some friends I should ask. I'll be travelling there by train Wednesday and heading straight for the Phurpha gig so if you happen to see a tall ginger with glasses, come say hey! And if you come across an actually decent waffle place, let me know. We ended up in some commercial places last year and it was utterly mediocre... So much that this year I'm bringing my own waffle iron.
    6. UnderTheSign
      Hey man. I don't know if there are any pubs nearby. Last year we spent most evenings at the festival, during the day we wandered around town, had something to eat, etc. We did go to Delirium cafe which is pretty cool I guess, if you're into massive bars and lots of specialty beer (at a premium price). It's very popular among the UK and USA visitors though every craft beer snob and their mom has probably seen better places :lol: Not sure if we'll be hitting the bars at all this year. There's a couple around the corner from the hotel but last year we walked past one and got cat called by some transvestites... So you know, it's an interesting neighbourhood.
    7. distressed_romeo
      Happy birthday dude!
    8. meisterjager
      Haha, glad you like the riffage man! That is a fun one... just need to get it recorded in good quality then it'll be great. I went through your stuff a few times, HEAVY! Fucking immense!

      We'd definitely be up for tryin to get something sorted gig wise. We should have a bit of pull when it comes to the promoters down here so if you give us some free dates for you I'll put it to our manager, who seems to be able to do anything lol
    9. meisterjager
      Nice man, i dig it! What's the deal with your first track at like 1.21?! lol! We're just setting ourselves up to record our next EP, which might end up being an album. Rest of the years looking busy for us, though

      Sower - Playing Bloodstock 2009 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    10. meisterjager
      Ah well, probably just a coincidence! What's your band called?
    11. meisterjager
      I do have friends who live in Glasgow yeah, but none that are from Colchester as far as I know.. Did you catch his name? Probably just a weird coincidence!
    12. HighGain510
      RE: your rep thread - you could always donate to the site and then disable your rep. :2c: Just something to consider if the random negs are getting to you. :) I agree though, it is annoying when they are undeserved. :(
    13. Sebastian
      Good to see a Pantera fan here :metal:
    14. yellowv
      No problem dude. I listened to all of the songs you put up and liked the sound a lot.
    15. stuh84
      SMN is basically like Blabbermouth except not as annoying, and with a sense of humour. The forum on it has a few decent people, and Matt is on there, he seems like a great guy.
    16. stuh84
      Don't suppose you frequent the SMN boards at all do you? Its not a great place, but Matt Sotelo hangs out over there from time to time, interesting to see what he has going on anyway
    17. Nerina
      Feel better!
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    Jul 11, 1984 (Age: 35)
    glasgow scotland
    Primary Seven:
    Main Rig:
    Axe FX II
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Other Guitars:
    Suhr M5, Caparison Dellinger II, ESP Horizon NT II, Ibanez M80M
    Axe FX II
    i play caparison and ESP 6 strings and an Ibanez RG1527 7 string

    Metal - meshuggah, Nile, Aborted, Hate eternal, Decapitated, Between the Buried and Me, Basketball
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