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newamerikangospel, from Oklahoma

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Jun 27, 2021
    1. 7stranguitfidle
      thanks again man you're always a great deal of help.. another quick question i had was what all tubes do you have in.. you told me you have the ruby el34bstr's, a ruby low gain in the v3, and the jj gold.. any other upgraded tubes?
    2. 7stranguitfidle
      hey man any tips on the best clean sound out of the cobra? thanks buddy
    3. 7stranguitfidle
      thanks man. i was looking into speakers.. i was thinking a vadar 4x12 on top of a Genz Benz 2x12? my buddy and i were even discussing a 2x15 which we played around with on his dual rec. but also the dualie has that way more dry cut high end sound (as im sure you already knew) since the cobra already has massive low end do you think that is TOO much? if so what suggestions on cabs do you have for me?
    4. 7stranguitfidle
      man its sounded 10 times better since your advice on the EQ, i was waiting to bias it until i did a re-tube but im still stupid on the knowledge of tubes.. what exactly should i get to obtain the hot/tight sound that cuts without getting too bright? do you think the OD808 is a good choice to boost or is there another pedal out there that would do a better job and also you were saying if i get the OD808 i should play the crunch channel for lead and the lead channel for rhyth.. is that right or am i mistaken?
    5. Benzesp
      Yea V30's (UK not China production) I've had my cabs for 12 years, They are loaded with the UK made V30's. I like the tone, everybody complains about the high end of v30's bit I don't have any issues. Maybe the newer China made V30's are not quite the same. Dunno, but I have never had a reason to switch up cabs. Sound great with my Cobra.
    6. newamerikangospel
      OMG U Li3k t0t4lly r0x
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    Framus Cobra Cab with g25s and hm75s
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