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  • Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for you visitor message! I'm glad you appreciated my post. It's just my perspective obviously, but hope it helps. If you want to discuss anything music or production related, feel free to PM me anytime! Cheers
    The like you gave me...
    thanks man! rig has changed a lot since then. my fuzz of choice these days is this bad boy: SUNMACHINE - Sonic Devices -: COLOSSUS
    sorry for not replying earlier to your comment in the "Eddie sculpture" thread, I posted a comment just a while ago :)
    Neurosis, you're very right. Not all guitars play well. But, man, just look at some of these guitars. I've decided to conclude that I'm not gonna bother with wood-type anymore because it makes such a little difference vs. having the right gear+rig. I'm not gonna let wood-type narrow my choices! haha. With a little setup here and there, I think it's possible to make any guitar play and sound good.

    But again, I don't look like Steve Vai, so having a guitar that looks so loud might not even suit me. Perhaps a sober looking guitar suits me better!
    oh...damn..sorry man. i should have been more careful... :) That's a nice guitar isnt it, though?
    Hey man! I might have lost it but my guitar was purple with metallic highlights. Did I post a mockup of a mod I had planned or something? Let me check :D
    Haha, no worries man! I just really liked that top. I have a black S520, and was thinking of installing a veneer with an orange tint like that guitar. After researching it, I found yours, which is exactly how I wanted mine to look.

    By any chance do you have any other pictures of it? Love to see it again.
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