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    Am I crazy buying 2 of the same guitar for different tunings?

    Nothing wrong with that. I've owned 3 of the same guitar before (only difference was their colors).
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    Your First Live Concert-

    Heart in 1990. Can't remember who opened for them.
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    How does the Ibanez Pia compare to the Jem

    I own a Jem and like it a lot. I'd like to actually play a Pia. I watched this video a while back, and hopefully it answers some of your questions.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    And then see that Kadri was basically in a 1 on 3 and still scored, so....
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    Dang... EVH Wolfgang's went up in price...

    Yeah, I'm glad I bought my USA models like 5-6 years ago. With the crazy used prices, I'm almost tempted to try and sell them, but I like them too much.
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    Have you ever bought a guitar that solved your G.A.S. for a while?

    I have the guitars that I want, but have wanted to try a couple of different things lately. I already took one back, and will probably take back my current purchase, too.
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    [NGD] - Mayones Regius 6 Lagoon Burst

    I almost put my swim fins on. That's a beauty!
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    Never use the tremolo - am I the only one?

    I don't really use mine. I can't remember the last time I even inserted the trem bar into any of mine.
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    J Custom 3A flame maple?

    This is mine that I bought back in 2012 for comparison purposes.
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    Guitar Center - a new level of incompentence LOL

    I like GC for their used guitars mostly. The one near me is a roll of the dice for what you might find and their customer service. There's a local guitar store that's generally better, but I only really use them for their luthier.
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    Bought a used guitar at Guitar Center in "excellent condition" but

    Agreed. I probably didn't convey what I meant very well. It was along the same lines of "make sure you ask before you buy" when you're looking at the used GC stuff. I've honestly had really good luck on a couple of buys from them, to include an almost mint PRS CU22.
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    Bought a used guitar at Guitar Center in "excellent condition" but

    I just picked up a Fender Elite Tele (they came with cases brand new) and I didn't remember seeing anything in the listing that said it didn't come with one. It arrived in just bubble wrap. I'm still deciding if I want to take it back on principle alone.
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    PRS SE Silver Sky

    Yeah, that makes sense with the way everything is going.
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    PRS SE Silver Sky

    But no maple fretboard. sadness.
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    NGD: Ibanez SZ Prestige

    HNGD! I had 3 of the SZ720s (red, grey, and amber burst). I sold them, and kinda miss them a little bit.