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Dec 18, 2019
Jul 26, 2007
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FENRISMAW, from Petty obsessions. If this is heaven, how bad is he

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Dec 18, 2019
    1. MikeH
      You get respect from me simply for the Lilo & Stitch line in your signature. :yesway:
    2. Adil-2552
      Hey dude, just do you like your ENGL?
      I've been considering the fireball for quite a while now and I recently found one for a great price on ebay
    3. Deaths Madrigal
      Deaths Madrigal
      hey, im a fellow 7 string player and i live close to poughkeepsie, what type of music do you play?
    4. StarStormer
      I totally just registered as an Engl User :)
      This Friday I'm trading my Mesa for a Laney GH100L too
      That thing is a shred cannon! :shred:
    5. StarStormer
      I have a 1989 RG 550 in black with stock pickups.
      I was wondering what pickups you chose to make yours sound totally metal through your Engl.
      Unless you didn't change them to begin with :P
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    Home Page:
    Petty obsessions. If this is heaven, how bad is he
    Guitarist for Fenrismaw
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez 1527
    Main Rig:
    Voodoo Mod LaneyAOR
    Real Name:
    Myspace URL:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Other Guitars:
    RG550RFR(1987), RG520RBQ, Kramer Vanguard(198x) Takamine G128S
    Marshall TSL (Voodoo standard metal mod), Laney AOR ProTube Lead (Voodoo Custom Jose HG mod). MM output tranny, feel control, 2 gain controls, PPIMV, mid girth and bottom (push/pull controls) on back.
    Effects & Pedals:
    TC Electronics G Major, Self modded Ibanez TS-9 (Analogman/Keeley spec), ISP Decimator, Monster Pro 900 Power Conditioner, The Gig Rig remote Loopy 2.
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Marshall 1960AV with Canare 4S11 internal wire.
    Marshall 1960A with Tara Labs Omni wire and 2 WGS Veteran 30's and 2 Celestion 75's X patterend.
    Marshall 1960A with HH Invaders, metal grill.

    OLD Bogen challenger PA head.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Line6 X2 wireless.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Berhinger FCB1010, Voodoo Amps 50/50 instrument and speaker cables, Voodoo Amps power cable. Fulltone patch cable. Carvin Road Warrior 4 sp rack case, 2 space rack drawer.
    My mom says I'm the handsomest guy in the whole school.

    uh, gtr? SCCA autocrossing/racing


    "But Lord, during the hardest trials of my life, why was there only one set of footprints?"
    "Because," said the Lord, “Sandpeople always ride single-file to hide their numbers."

    man wat u satalking about i am shono -shonoo:hbang:
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