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  • I wanted to switch to passives for a while, never found the right opportunity, pickup selector crapped out on me, I gutted it and put the Blackouts for sale, sold quick, was given a guitar to borrow in the mean time, kept borrowing guitar, spent money on something else, still no pickups, still borrowing crappy LTD.

    Yeah :lol:
    Yee mang! I'm ditching my band lol
    We seriously haven't had practice in forever and year and my Schecter has no pickups in it. This only means one thing... I think I'm finally going rack. :)
    I keep thinking back and forth and in the long run, odds are that I'll be playing/writing in my room so preamp + poweramp it is!
    thanks man, we had a blast, i was looking for you after we played to bs about gear but you guys were gone. its always fun to hang out with seven string members when we tour. make sure to come out if were in the area again.
    Dude do you have a bigger photo of that bear rockin out? It looks epic, got a link? Thanks :cheers:
    When I changed it I didn't think anyone would know who she is but it seems Dors has quite a few fans here on SS'org btw whose the lady in the pic above?
    Cool then I guess I'm down to jam sometime
    Especially since you're one of the only guitarists down here that has any clue about the gear he's using rather than all these other guys here that can't differentiate a tube from a solid state head and active from passive pickups

    I play with .11 Gauge XL's in Drop B
    So the set is 11-14-21w-28-38-49
    if you have a slightly thicker B string, that'd be nice to even out the tension

    Believe it or not I actually check my SS profile more than I sign on to AIM but that's only due to recent drama lol so I'll sign back on more often fersure

    ScreenName - MarvnMisanthropy
    ROFL dude, you gotta get a 3 by 3 with cheese fries!
    that's the way to fill yourself up!
    I've got tried and true V30s in my Legacy
    and I'm really tempted to go have a jam session some time
    but you're a shredder and I'm not exactly the greatest
    plus my Blackjack is in dire need of a string change, no moneysss

    I originally wanted an Avatar 412 with V30s and T75s in an x config but when my Legacy popped up on Craigslist for $325, I had to have it hah
    LOL I'd so be down to give up my drums for a house XD but other than that I don't have much more than my Schecter Blackjack ATX and lonely Legacy cab waiting for a 6505 to sit up top.
    DUUUUDE THIS IS SO AWESOME hahaha a local SS member!
    Yeah man, I got mad cravings for cheese fries from there last night hah

    Did you just move here or something? Your profile says you're in Akron, OH
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